Adobe Statistics: Subscribers, Market Value, Revenue (2024)

Updated on February 3, 2024
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Adobe has built one of the world's largest creative software empires, with products like Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign, Audition, and After Effects.

Their creative suite influences digital experiences like designing, editing, and marketing. However, 2023 brought significant plot twists to the company - the termination of Adobe's planned $20 billion Figma deal and new pressures to evolve its business model.

Stay with us as we explore key Adobe statistics and metrics shaping the company in 2024, including:

  • Total Creative Cloud subscriptions
  • Total Adobe subscriptions
  • Stock price and market cap
  • New strategic priorities and trends for 2024

Adobe Overview

  • About Adobe

The story of Adobe started in 1982 when John Warnock and Charles Geschke left Xerox to create software for sharing documents between printers and computers.

Adobe focused initially on printing and imaging, and their PDF innovation brought portability to digital files. However, it became a creative software giant with acquisitions like Photoshop in 1995. 

Under CEO Shantanu Narayen, they expanded into digital marketing and built an online platform for creating digital experiences.

  • General Adobe Inc. Stats and Facts

Adobe made its first $100M in font & printer software sales

In its early days, Adobe found massive success with innovations like Postscript, which Apple and Microsoft adopted for operating systems. 

On the strength of flagship printing software and font licensing, Adobe generated $100 million in revenue just a year after its founding.

The milestone marked massive market demand for Adobe's digital publishing tools in the mid-1980s. It provided financial fuel for Adobe to diversify into new creative software like 1987's Illustrator while expanding globally.

57% of Sundance 2024 films use Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most popular editing software among filmmakers. 

According to an Adobe's 2024 Sundance survey, 57% of entrants into this year's event used Premiere Pro in post-production. Notable Premiere Pro-edited selections include festival titles like "Dìdi," "Will & Harper," "FRIDA," and more.

In total, over two-thirds of Sundance submissions used either Premiere or Adobe And 83% tapped at least one Creative Cloud app during moviemaking.

Adobe Statistics 1

Adobe Financial Statistics

  • Adobe Finances: Revenue, Costs, and Income

Adobe hit a $5.05 billion revenue milestone in 2023

In the final quarter of 2023, Adobe crossed the $5 billion revenue mark for the first time in its corporate journey.

Along with this feat, the company's earnings per share (EPS) surged by 18%, reaching $4.27. 

Demonstrating unwavering strength amid economic uncertainties, Adobe's creative products, including Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Adobe Experience Cloud, continue to drive significant growth for the company.

Adobe 2023 Q4 revenue jumped 13% 

According to Forbes, fiscal 2023 fourth-quarter revenue for Adobe saw a 13% increase in subscription sales, which now comprise 94% of total revenue.

Income got a lift, too, from an improved 34.5% operating margin as Adobe contained costs. 

Net income thereby jumped 26% year-over-year to $1.48 billion.

Adobe's 2023 revenue hit $19.41 billion

In 2023, Adobe's overall revenue experienced a 10% growth, reaching $19.41 billion, as reported by Forbes. 

The driving force behind this increase was an 11% uptick in the digital media segment, fueled by a substantial 13% boost in document cloud revenue and a solid 10% rise in creative cloud earnings.

Despite a slight increase in total expenses, the bottom line saw a significant improvement, with net income increasing by 14% to reach $5.4 billion. 

Adobe Statistics 2

Adobe Stock and Market Data

  • Adobe’s Market Capitalization

Adobe's market capitalization hit $276 billion in early 2024

Adobe's market value hit $276 billion in January 2024, making it the 34th most valuable public company worldwide. This number represents the total worth of Adobe's available shares.

Expected to earn over $21 billion in revenue and $5.6 billion in profit this fiscal year, Adobe has become a significant player in the tech industry, particularly in creative software.

  • Adobe Stock Statistics

Adobe expects up to $18 earnings per share in a $21.5B sales year

Adobe's first fiscal 2024 guidance calls for up to $18 in adjusted earnings per share on revenue ranging from $21.3-21.5 billion.

The top-line target indicates low but consistent sales growth, while earnings per share would match last year's levels at the high end.

The projections diverged mildly from analyst forecasts of $18 EPS and $21.73 billion in revenue. 

However, Adobe President Anil Chakravarthy stressed rigorous spending control during the report, committing to maintaining profitability amid volatile conditions.

Adobe Statistics 3

Adobe Corporate Actions

  • Company Latest Acquisitions

Adobe acquired AI video startup Rephrase for $13.9M

Adobe has acquired, an AI video creation startup founded by IIT graduates. The deal value is $13.9 million - the total capital Rephrase has raised until 2023.

Rephrase's text-to-video platform uses generative AI to help creators, marketers, and influencers build professional digital content quickly. The tech aims to eliminate complexities in video production.

The buyout aims to augment Adobe's video products like Premiere Pro, integrating Rephrase's capabilities into Creative Cloud. Most of the startup's team will join Adobe.

Adobe Products and Services

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Statistics

Adobe Creative Cloud delivers top apps and offers 100GB of storage

Creative Cloud subscribers can access 20+ Adobe innovative apps led by industry-standard tools like Photoshop, Premiere, and Illustrator. The $55 monthly plan also includes 100GB of cloud storage.

Users can sync, store, and share up to 350,000 files and 150,000 folders. Manage uploads and remaining storage via the Creative Cloud application.

For an affordable subscription fee, Adobe bundles its latest premium software with robust cloud functionality for creating and collaborating across devices.

90% of creative workers use Adobe's Creative Cloud

As a leader in creativity apps, Adobe powers over 90% of professional creative workers internationally through flagship tools like Photoshop and Illustrator.

The company's mobile apps also see massive engagement - with over 449 million Creative Cloud downloads worldwide.

  • Number of Creative Cloud Users

Adobe Creative Cloud has over 23 million subscribers

According to recent estimates, Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription service had accumulated around 23 million active users as of mid-2022.

Launched in 2012, Creative Cloud has seen rapid expansion from 1.4 million subscribers at the end of 2013.

Recent projections indicate the user base could reach 30 million total subscribers by the end of 2024 as the adoption of Adobe's creative apps continues spreading.

Adobe Statistics 4

Adobe Employee Insights

  • Employee Count & Demographics

Adobe employs 29,000 people worldwide

Adobe now employs over 29,000 workers globally, with around 13,500 based in the United States as of recent disclosures. 

Adobe also values diversity - underrepresented groups comprise almost 11% of the current U.S. subsection of the staff.

33% of Adobe employees are women

Adobe has focused on ethical diversification in hiring, now reflecting consumer demographics in gender and age. 

Women comprise over 33% of the total employee base, with 27.2% female representation in leadership roles.

The workforce also highlights racial diversity - nearly 30% identify as Asian, above 5% as Hispanic, and 2.8% as African American. 

Adobe Statistics 5

Special Highlights

  • Adobe Statistics on Cyber Monday

Adobe's 2023 Cyber Monday spending reached around $12 billion

Though now an everyday activity, holiday online shopping still climaxes with Cyber Monday thanks to deep discounts and consumer habits. 

Adobe Analytics said 2023's Cyber Monday drove all-time high sales of $12 billion.

The earnings confirm Cyber Monday as the top-grossing day across e-commerce, despite maturity in online spending behavior.

  • Adobe Trend Statistics

AI creation and personalization will dominate 2024

According to Adobe, in 2024, two big trends will shape the digital landscape.

Firstly, AI, or artificial intelligence, is changing the game in content creation. It can generate new ideas from existing data like text, images, or music, making it helpful in writing website content and social media posts. That not only saves time for creators but also allows for more personalized experiences.

Secondly, personalization is becoming more critical, with 72% of consumers expecting customized interactions. AI also plays a key role here, using data to group audiences and create personalized ads, emails, and suggestions.

Adobe Statistics 6


Adobe is favored by businesses and professionals, providing cloud solutions, collaborative features, and AI enhancements. 

Beyond tools like Photoshop, there's a rising interest in experience design tools like Adobe XD, highlighting the growing importance of UX/UI design in the tech industry.

Adobe predicts Q1 2024 revenues to be between $5.10-$5.15 billion, with earnings at $3.35-$3.40 billion. Year-end estimates forecast revenues at $21.47 billion, although the net income margin might slightly decrease.

Summary: Adobe Statistics (2024)

Adobe made its first $100M in font & printer software sales

57% of Sundance 2024 films use Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe hit a $5.05 billion revenue milestone in 2023

Adobe 2023 Q4 revenue jumped 13%

Adobe's market capitalization hit $276 billion in early 2024

Adobe expects up to $18 earnings per share in a $21.5B sales year

Adobe acquired AI video startup Rephrase for $13.9M

Adobe Creative Cloud delivers top apps and offers 100GB of storage

90% of creative workers use Adobe's Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud has over 23 million subscribers

Adobe employs 29,000 people worldwide

33% of Adobe employees are women

Adobe's 2023 Cyber Monday spending reached around $12 billion

AI creation and personalization will dominate 2024


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