15 BeReal Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

Updated on March 20, 2024
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BeReal is the 2019-born social media platform encouraging authenticity, letting you be yourself without filters. 

With a claimed daily user base of more than 6 million1, Apple's iPhone App of 2022 initial buzz has simmered down. However, BeReal just introduced a few new features to increase the app's use, although some contradict their original premise of being a less demanding platform.

But fear not, for delving into the world of genuine content on this app holds immense potential. So we brought 15 ultimate BeReal statistics to take advantage of the niche grouped into spontaneous selfies in 2024.

What is BeReal?

BeReal is a French-born platform coined as "Your friends for real." Created by Alexis Barreyat 2, a former GoPro employee, this app pushes you to capture your life's unscripted moments, introducing a rare twist to social media and serving as an antidote to the polished world of Instagram.

Unlike the meticulously curated posts of other platforms, the main characteristics of BeReal's content should be:

  • Spontaneous
  • Unpolished
  • Unedited
  • Simultaneous

BeReal's success underscores the shift towards a more authentic and participatory online environment. It's a departure from the mainstream, delivering a refreshing take on digital connection thanks to the promise of letting you be real.

How does BeReal work?

BeReal is not about crafting a flawless image; it's about shifting the focus from amassing followers to engaging with existing contacts. 

To get started, users set up an account using their phone number and can easily connect with friends from their contact list. 

After this, the concept is simple: users will receive a push notification at a randomly designated time, signaling a two-minute window to capture a snapshot with both phone cameras simultaneously. 

BeReal focuses on making connections more intimate

One crucial detail is that BeReal crafts a daily ritual that trends toward more personal, private online interactions, providing young users with intimate digital experiences in an otherwise fragmented online world. 

For that reason, the app blocks others' posts until you've shared your daily image, ensuring active participation over passive scrolling.

Note: You can retake your pics; however, BeReal will show the times you did it.

BeReal Demographics

After the boom in 2021 and part of 2022, by 2023, the number of monthly users of BeReal has dropped by at least 40 million. But how many of them are recurrently connected?

1. How many users does BeReal have in 2023?

According to Business of Apps, the platform has about 33.3 million monthly users today3, of which at least 6 million log in daily to the app. (It is worth mentioning that there are differences surrounding this figure, as BeReal claims4 20 million daily users.)

2. 19% of BeReal users are from the United States.

Although BeReal is a French app, most users are based in the United States5 (19.19%). 

The boom was so concentrated in that country that even Paramount didn’t hesitate to join the hit to promote Scream 6 through the movie's official account, becoming one of the few companies to use this platform as part of its communications strategy.

In addition to the United States, Similarweb's data shows that, as of July of 2023, Italy was the second country that contributed the most traffic to the app with 6.91% of total visits, followed by France, which came in third place with 6.52%.

3. 72% of U.S. users are between 18 and 24.

The U.S. has the most active users on BeReal today, but who is their audience?

According to the most recent data from Statista6, Gen Z consumes BeReal the most in that country (72%). After that, millennials between 25 and 34 years old represent 28% of this app's users.

4. 34% of users consider BeReal an authentic social media platform. 

Some users find BeReal as a mirror to the routine of their daily lives, showing that ordinary moments might not always be fascinating.

For that reason, and because many users wait for a more exciting time to share, a study by The Social Shepherd7 revealed only 34% of users see BeReal as an authentic social media platform.

That scenario puts BeReal in a tricky spot. How can authenticity be balanced to avoid monotony without giving in to highly curated content that could dilute the app's uniqueness?

That problem is known as the online authenticity paradox by psychologists. It's the gap between wanting realness and the natural tendency to show our best online.

According to Oliver Haimson8, a University of Michigan professor, even though we value authenticity, the need for approval and the desire to share exciting moments can complicate achieving it.

5. Women prefer BeReal more than men.

In August 2022, data revealed that the most significant people using the French-based app BeReal were young women aged 18 to 24 (66% in the U.S.). In contrast, only 6% were young men aged 18 to 24.

Furthermore, studies from the past two years9 indicated that BeReal is particularly popular among young women in at least five other countries. In the United Kingdom, it was 99%, in Germany 98%, in France 77%, in Brazil 68%, and in Australia 99%.

BeReal Usage Statistics

In Q3 of 2023, it is clear that the BeReal boom has waned. The reasons to respond to the lack of innovative features on the platform. After all, showing your job post every day and seeing others isn't that fun.

Here are some statistics that will give you a clearer idea of the current state of BeReal and the volume of usage.

1. BeReal reached 100 million downloads.

While most app downloads occurred in 2022 (83 million), the number reached 100M in 2023.

This achievement is primarily due to users in the United States, where 50% of downloads were recorded, according to AppMagic3.

2. The U.S. leads BeReal downloads from the App Store, with 1,974,000 active iPhone users.

According to Statista, by the end of 2022, BeReal had nearly 4 million active iPhone users on its platform worldwide, at least half of whom were accessing from the U.S. 

As has been recurrent in other aspects, after that country, the area from which most iPhone users use BeReal from iPhone is the U.K., with 468,000 visits from those devices, followed by Canada, with 292,000.

3. BeReal downloads increased by 313% in the US in one year.

The U.S. has the most active BeReal users today. However, to give you a complete idea of its penetration, Hubspot showed10 between May 2022 and April 2023, the app downloads in that country increased by 313%.

Thus, BeReal was the platform with the highest user growth in a year. To give you a sense of proportion, Twitch, the second fastest-growing platform in the U.S., increased by 29% of its users in the same period.

BeReal Statistics 1

4. BeReal's popularity among Gen Z grew to 13%

As of April 2023, Forbes11 revealed BeReal's popularity has jumped from a slight 0.7% to a much more significant 2.8%. But here's the exciting part: BeReal's popularity among Gen Z has increased from 1% to 13%. That means a lot of young people are using the app and liking it.

But even though BeReal is doing relatively well, it has a challenge. Other apps might copy it, and BeReal might start to look like them. So, even though BeReal is growing fast, it needs to stay true to what makes it unique so it doesn't get lost in the crowd.

As more and more apps try to be like BeReal, we have to wonder: Will BeReal keep its promise of being authentic and stand out in the busy world of social media?

5. 9% of BeReal's active users post daily.

Perhaps because it becomes monotonous to share the same photo of your daily routine or because many users are just waiting for a more exciting moment to post than the one they're in when the BeReal notification comes, the truth is only 9% post daily on the app7.

That may be due to both reasons and the particularity of Gen Z's tendency to share less on social media.

6. In the US, 12% of the BeReal audience uses Facebook and 10% use Messenger.

Regarding BeReal users in the US by 2022, around 12% were also active on Facebook, while a smaller portion of 10% used WhatsApp and Snapchat. Instagram saw 7% usage, while Twitter and TikTok each garnered a 5% user share. That indicates a slight overlap in the user base of these platforms.

Interestingly, the story shifts when we look at usage patterns across different countries. According to data.ai's analysis9 of cross-app usage, French BeReal users who own iPhones tend to have a more diverse social media diet. 

A substantial 52% of them also use WhatsApp Messenger, followed closely by Instagram (48%), Snapchat (42%), Facebook (38%), TikTok (38%), and Twitter (28%). 

These differing usage patterns reveal the digital habits of BeReal users across different regions, highlighting the varying degrees of interconnectivity between BeReal and other popular social media platforms.

7. BeReal has a 4.8-star rating on the App Store.

While the number of daily active users has declined, those who value the no-filter concept behind BeReal seriously enjoy the app. 

The most recent app store review shows BeReal has quite enviable ratings. On the App Store12, the French app has a 4.8-star rating from the feedback of over 820,000 users, while on Google Play13 BeReal's score comes in at 4.7 stars.

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BeReal Corporate Statistics

While the app lacks a defined business model, speculation suggests that subscription-based services could be on the horizon. For now, BeReal has decided to increase the number of photos you post daily. 

With its BeReal Bonus, the app wants users to have that opportunity twice as long as they comply with the notification to post in the 2-minute window. But are these integrations enough in an app whose usage is plummeting? Investors still believe there is a future.

1. BeReal is valued at approximately US$587 million.

BeReal has secured substantial funding through strategic rounds in both 2021 and 2022. 

In June 2021, BeReal marked a significant milestone with a remarkable $30 million Series A funding round. This funding effort was co-led by prominent venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz and Accel, reflecting a solid vote of confidence from key industry players. 

This capital injection gave BeReal the financial foundation it needed to solidify its presence in the market and take its innovative concept to the next level.

In response to its rapid expansion, BeReal closed a substantial Series B funding round, securing an impressive $60 million14. This round not only fueled BeReal's financial coffers but also propelled its valuation to nearly $587 million at current exchange rates.

2. BeReal currently has 101 employees.

According to information provided by LinkedIn15, the number of BeReal employees has decreased in comparison to 2022.

While at the beginning of 2023, it showed 118 employees, in August of the same year, it registered 101.

Currently, 45% of the employees are in France, 34% in the United States, 24% in the United Kingdom, and 3% in Italy. 

bereal statistics

3. BeReal currently has 8 positions available on its website.

For those curious about being part of BeReal's journey, the door of opportunity is wide open to join the team.

As of August 202316, the range of roles open spans various domains. From IT Manager and VP of Engineering roles to positions like Senior iOS Engineer, QA Engineer, and QA Lead, BeReal seeks individuals with specialized skills to contribute to its dynamic landscape.

The company also seeks professionals in Communications & Marketing, User Research, and HR Operations. 

Summary: BeReal statistics

Here’s a recap of the 15 BeReal Statistics you need to know:

  1. BeReal has about 33.3 million monthly users today.
  2. BeReal has nearly 6 million daily users. 
  3. 19% of BeReal users are from the United States.
  4. 72% of U.S. users are between 18-24.
  5. 34% of users consider BeReal an authentic social media platform.
  6. Around 66% of BeReal users in the U.S. are young women aged 18 to 24.
  7. BeReal reached 100 million downloads.
  8. The U.S. has 1,974,000 active iPhone users.
  9. BeReal downloads increased by 313% in the US in one year.
  10. BeReal's popularity among Gen Z grew to 13%
  11. 9% of BeReal's active users post daily.
  12. BeReal has a 4.8-star rating on the App Store.
  13. BeReal is valued at approximately US$587 million.
  14. BeReal currently has 101 employees.
  15. BeReal currently has 8 positions available on its website.

Final Thoughts

BeReal marks a changing point from the era of mindless followers on sprawling public platforms. This humane approach to technology resonates with those seeking respite from the pressures of social media. 

However, after a long year of exponential user growth, it is clear that the concept has yet to run out of steam quickly. 

While they have rolled out new updates that allow music sharing, posting more than once, and building a celebrity feed, it is necessary to see the audience's reaction to changes that seem to go against BeReal's DNA.

Still curious about joining BeReal? Here are 10 reasons the app may fit you:

  • Others' opinions don't sway you significantly.
  • You're comfortable in front of a camera.
  • Pausing daily routines for a BeReal moment is a breeze.
  • No need for a prepped appearance to share a pic.
  • Making funny faces and exploring creativity appeals to you.
  • Need for control isn't your top priority.
  • You're open to sharing personal moments.
  • Authentic interactions with friends are your goal.
  • Handling the spontaneous alert and two-minute window doesn't faze you.
  • Amassing followers isn't your driving force.

So, if you see yourself in at least three of these traits, BeReal might offer a fresh and intimate approach to online connections amidst the noise of the virtual world.


Who can see your pictures? 

Your friends who post their own BeReals too. You can make sophomore public so other users sharing their BeReal the same day can see it.

What happens with your BeReals? 

They disappear from the app after 24 hours, like Instagram or Facebook statuses. Also, you can delete your pic anytime. The app also features "Memories." It is a collection of your past BeReals that only you can see.

Does BeReal show followers? 

Nope! Contrary to TikTok, there isn’t a race for followers. Instead, you’ll only have friends by adding them through the Discovery tap or from your cellphone.

How do BeReal reactions work? 

To react to your friends' pics, take a selfie using the app template and show your natural facial expression. These are called "WidgetMojis."

Are there ads on BeReal? 

We are still waiting. Brands aren’t allowed to create profiles on the app. BeReal’s terms of service state that its users agree not to use it for advertising or commercial purposes. We'll see what happens when BeReal reaches its first billion users.

How Does BeReal Make Money? 

It is financed by venture capital investors, avoiding monetization through Instagram-style advertising. Although its core product will remain free to access, Financial Times states that introducing optional paid-for extras could be BeReal’s next move.


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