10 BeReal Statistics You Need to Know in 2023

 By Andrea M. 
Last Updated on: January 22, 2023

BeReal is a social network that took off in 2022. It has a disruptive concept because it invites people to improvise, be authentic and leave behind filters (looking at you, Instagram). Before reviewing the 10 BeReal Statistics You Need to Know in 2023, let's explore the basics:

  • What is BeReal?
  • How BeReal Works?
  • Is BeReal for you?
  • 10 BeReal statisticsYou Need to Know in 2023
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is BeReal?

It is a French social network app created in 2020 by 27-year-old Alexis Barreyat, an ex-GoPro employee. It encourages users to share moments of their lives in real-time and is available on iOS and Android.

BeReal's slogan is Your friends for real.

The 4 main characteristics of BeReal's content:

  • Spontaneous
  • Unpolished
  • Unedited
  • Simultaneous

How BeReal works?

First, you must create and confirm a user account based on your phone number. It's possible to do this on different devices. Also, as in many other applications, you can add friends among your contacts to interact with them through the app.

BeReal will always ask you to have notifications on. Why? Its operation is based on sending you a notification to let you know when it's time to share what you are doing. Let's dive in:

  1. Once per day and at an unrevealed time, BeReal sends this massive push notification — ⚠️ Time to BeReal. ⚠️ — You should share whatever you're doing with a front- and back-facing camera shot. 
  1. What happens next? After receiving the random notification, you have a two-minute window to post your unfiltered pic. It works in the same way for all users.

Note: The app allows you to post only once a day. It kinda helps to spend more time on the app and more time in real life.

  1. When you post after the two minutes expire, it is considered a late pic. Also, you will be able to see other users' content until you publish your own.
  1. You can retake your pics; however, BeReal will show the times you did it. The app also reveals the number of attempts to capture the BeReal moment.

Is BeReal for you?

Do you have an influencer spirit? Do you enjoy online socializing? Are you off the grid or a passive scroller? This social network presents fewer tools for sharing content and interacting with others. Still, in turn, it makes those interactions unique. 

Here are 10 reasons why BeReal may fit you. If you meet at least 3, you should give it a try! 

  1. Others' opinion doesn’t matter to you.
  2. You feel comfy in front of cameras.
  3. Pausing your routine to take your BeReal wouldn’t be a problem.
  4. Having your hair or makeup done isn’t necessary to share a pic.
  5. You like to make funny faces and explore your creative side.
  6. Controlling everything around isn’t your deal.
  7. Your intimacy boundaries are flexible.
  8. There is a genuine interest between you and your friends.
  9. You can handle the anxiety of random’s alert and the two-minute window.
  10. Having followers is out of your scope.

10 BeReal statistics you need to know in 2023

  1. BeReal valuation to $600 million.

In 2022, the app was valued at $600 million via their series B, a round led by Facebook investor Yuri Milner’s DST Global. Previously, it had a value of $150 million from its Series A, led by Andrew Chen of Andreessen Horowitz.

  1. BeReal has 20 million daily users.

The popularity of this app is reflected in its rapid growth. BeReal went from having 10K daily active users in March 2021 to tens of millions in one year. BeReal's team is working on their infrastructure to scale to 100M+ users.

  1. BeReal has over 53 million worldwide downloads.

According to Data.ai, in May 2022, the United States led the downloads list with 2.7 million. The 2nd place is France with 1.68 million, followed by the United Kingdom with 1.51 million. 

  1. BeReal has 3.9 million iPhone daily active users. 

The top three countries using BeReal through iPhone are the United States with 1.9 million users, the United Kingdom with 468 thousand users, and Canada with 292 thousand users.

  1. According to LinkedIn, BeReal has 118 employees.

The BeReal team is growing slower than its users, but the numbers are positive. Starting in 2023, there’re 118 employees on their LinkedIn page. And they hiring for 13 open positions.

  1. Women are more interested in using BeReal.

In 6 countries, including the top 3 BeReal downloads, female-identified iPhone users are the majority. The United States with 58%, the United Kingdom with 99%, Germany with 98%, France with 77%, Brazil with 68%, and Australia with 99%.

  1. For Gen Z, authenticity matters, not perfection

More than 90% of BeReal iPhone users in Brazil and Australia belong to Gen Z, followed by the United Kingdom and France over 70%. In contrast, the United States and Germany hover around 40% giving way to the Millennials, who are the majority in both countries.

  1. 9% of BeReal’s active users post daily

As reported by The Social Shepherd, only 9% of BeReal’s users post daily. Also, 34% say the app is an authentic social media network.

  1. BeReal has a 4.8-Star rating on the App Store.

The app has a 4.6-star rating on the Play Store versus the 4.8-Star rating on the App Store in December 2022, as stated by The Social Shepherd.

  1. #BeReal hashtag on TikTok reaches 3.8 billion views

BeReal seems to have a snowball effect. Its TikTok hashtag is generating billions of views. As of January 2023, it has generated a whopping 3.8 billion views compared to 2.7 billion views in October 2022. 


What we see from BeReal is the tip of the iceberg. Stats indicate that its growth is exponential. So will BeReal be the talk of the town this 2023?

Entrepreneurs and developers out there! BeReal is a clear example of innovating, and raising capital in social networks is still possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see your pictures? Your friends who post their own BeReals too. You can make your picture public so others users sharing their BeReal the same day can see it.

What happens with your BeReals? They disappear from the app after 24 hours, like Instagram or Facebook statuses. Also, you can delete your pic anytime. The app also features "Memories." It is a collection of your past BeReals that only you can see.

Does BeReal show followers? Nope! Opposite to TikTok, there isn’t a race for followers. Instead, you’ll only have friends by adding them through the Discovery tap or from your cellphone.

How do BeReal reactions work? To react to your friends' pics, you must take a selfie using the app template and show your real facial expression. These are called "WidgetMojis."

Can people chat on BeReal? The app doesn't offer private messaging. Moreover, if you comment on a friend's post, their contacts can see it, even if your account is private.

Are there ads on BeReal? No, or not yet. Brands aren’t allowed to create profiles on the app. BeReal’s terms of service state that its users agree not to use it for advertising or commercial purposes. We'll see what happens when BeReal reaches its first billion users.

How Does BeReal Make Money? It is financed by venture capital investors, avoiding monetization through Instagram-style advertising. Although its core product will remain free to access, Financial Times states that introducing optional paid-for extras could be BeReal’s next move.

Summary: BeReal statistics

Here’s a recap of the 10 BeReal Statistics you need to know in 2023:

  1. BeReal valuation to $600 million.
  2. BeReal has 20 million daily users.
  3. BeReal has over 53 million worldwide downloads.
  4. BeReal has 3.9 million iPhone daily active users. 
  5. According to LinkedIn, BeReal has 118 employees.
  6. Women are more interested in using BeReal.
  7. For Gen Z, authenticity matters, not perfection.
  8. 9% of BeReal’s active users post daily.
  9. BeReal has a 4.8-Star rating on the App Store.
  10. #BeReal hashtag on TikTok reaches 3.8 billion views.

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