Discord Statistics 2024: 10 Key Facts on Users, Growth, Revenue and Safety

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Updated on: October 11, 2023

Discord is a messaging platform initially created for gamers that today has become a thriving hub for Gen Z socialization. 

This transformation exploded during the pandemic when the platform, founded by Jason Triton, raked in a remarkable $130 million in revenue in 2020. 

But why is this platform so in demand that even tech giant Microsoft wanted to acquire it? Here are 10 Discord statistics to measure the weight of online communities in 2024.

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Discord user statistics

Discord is the social hub of private servers and channels where digital conversations thrive.

Like Facebook or Instagram groups, Discord's servers are mainly online meeting spots for people with shared interests and can be public or private.

Invitations often grant access to this realm, sparking curiosity about the diverse user base populating these virtual communities. 

So, who are the individuals who use Discord's servers the most?

1. Discord has 150 million monthly users worldwide

Eight years after its launch in 2015, Discord offers a unique blend of Slack messaging and Zoom video, enabling creators and communities to connect effortlessly through real-time voice and text chats. 

Today, Discord has about 19 million servers where people can join. These are semi-private groups where its 150 million monthly users can talk, chat, and share things they like.

2. 34.14% of Discord users are from the U.S.

Discord is mainly used in the United States, where 34.14% of its active members are located. Of those, 63.26% access the platform from the desktop. 

Brazil comes next, contributing 4.78% of the platform's traffic, followed by India with 4.52% of Discord's active users. 

3. 44.4% of Discord users are between 18 and 24

Discord attracts a substantial young user base, with 44.4% falling in the 18-24 age range. These members value this platform as a private space to be themselves, connect with friends, and explore their interests. 

The social app also draws adults aged 25-34, making up 28.2% of its active user community. 

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4. 65.33% of Discord users are male

Discord's user base predominantly consists of young Gen Z males, about 65.33% of its users, while approximately 34.67% are women. 

These users share a common interest in gaming and technology, but they also have a wide range of other interests spanning the arts, sports, and science, making Discord a diverse and vibrant platform.

5. Close to 80% use Discord to consume a mix of gaming and non-gaming content 

Discord isn't just about gaming anymore. Today, it has become a versatile social space where people discuss various topics, from homework to sports and politics. 

Surprisingly, nearly 80% of its community now utilize Discord for non-gaming purposes or mix gaming and non-gaming discussions. 

This shift aligns with the app’s new tagline, "Your place to talk," emphasizing its role as a platform for conversations.

6. More than 30 million people use AI-powered features on Discord monthly

Discord is also a hub for AI applications. Engadget says over 30 million people use AI-powered tools monthly on the app, and nearly 3 million servers have at least one AI experience. 

For example, server Midjourney, a text-to-image generator, boasts 17 million members.

Discord corporate statistics

Discord got its name from online gaming communities' chaotic and argumentative nature. Its creators, Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy, wanted to provide a better way for gamers to communicate, especially during late-night gaming sessions and while building online friendships.

One thing that sets Discord apart from platforms like Facebook or Twitter is its business model. Instead of depending on ads, Discord is funded through private investments and offers paid subscriptions that give users access to exclusive features.

But how much is this app worth in 2024? Here are some facts about the company behind the platform.

7. Discord is valued at an estimated $15 billion

During the pandemic, Discord became a valuable hub for social interaction, which led to significant growth. 

In 2020, the platform raised over $100 million, and just a year later, Discord expanded its user base by 13% and secured an additional $15 million in funding. 

As a result, the app is now valued at an estimated $15 billion.

8. Discord currently takes a 10% fee from server subscriptions

Server Subscriptions were introduced in December 2022, allowing creators to offer exclusive benefits to their communities while earning income. Discord takes 10% of these subscriptions, but they have bigger revenue plans. 

Soon, they'll include formalized subscription tiers with set prices, options for one-time digital purchases or subscriptions, and a consolidated marketplace called "Server Shops." 

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Discord security statistics

In recent years, Discord has been linked to cases involving "kidnapping, grooming, or sexual assault."

That has forced the platform to step up its efforts in technology and personnel to reduce controversies related to harmful content.

9. With over 900 employees, Discord dedicates 15% of its staff to its safety teams

Today, Discord has community guidelines that strictly prohibit hate speech, harassment, threats, violent extremism, child sexual abuse material, and misinformation.

The company also assigns 15% of its workforce to trust and safety teams.

10. Discord has blocked over 45 million unwanted messages using AI

In June 2022, Discord incorporated OpenAI's technology into its AutoMod feature. 

This automated content moderation tool lets server administrators set filters for detecting inappropriate messages by specifying a list of restricted words and phrases.

One year later, AutoMod has blocked more than 45 million undesirable messages to keep a safe user environment.

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Summary: Discord Statistics

  1. Discord has 150 million monthly users worldwide.
  2. 34.14% of Discord users are from the U.S.
  3. 44.4% of Discord users are between 18 and 24.
  4. 65.33% of Discord users are male.
  5. Close to 80% use Discord to consume a mix of gaming and non-gaming content.
  6. More than 30 million people use AI-powered features on Discord monthly.
  7. Discord is valued at an estimated $7 billion.
  8. Discord currently takes a 10% fee from server subscriptions.
  9. With over 900 employees, Discord dedicates 15% of its staff to its safety teams.
  10. Discord has blocked over 45 million unwanted messages using AI.

Final Thoughts:

Discord has become a versatile platform for brands and creators to engage with diverse audiences, especially Gen Z consumers.

While its origins are rooted in gaming, it presents significant opportunities for non-gaming brands to establish a personal and authentic presence to reach their communities. But be strategic. To succeed on this social app, brands should avoid overly promotional content. 

As Discord continues to innovate, exploring features such as the sale of digital products opens up new avenues for creators and businesses to monetize their presence on the platform and foster meaningful connections with their audiences.


Is it worth joining Discord as a content creator?

Discord can be a great place for your brand if you're looking to reach young millennials or Generation Z., not just because of its user base but because of the growth it has seen since its conception. 

On top of that, Time magazine named the platform one of the most influential companies in 2024.

How can I find interesting servers on Discord?

If you're using Discord on your computer, you can go to the Discover page, which you can find on the left-hand menu by clicking the compass icon.

On the Discover homepage, you'll see some of the most popular Discord servers, such as those for Fortnite and Minecraft. These servers have lots of members.

To narrow your search, use the categories in the left menu or type your interests in the search bar. If you find a server you like, click on it to explore before joining.

How can I join private Discord servers?

Apart from public Discord servers, private ones require an invitation to access. To get into these servers, you need someone to send you a link, which usually looks like Discord.gg/, followed by random letters or specific text. 

Alternatively, they can invite you directly through Discord by right-clicking the server icon and choosing "Invite People." 

Private servers are generally smaller than public ones. However, while they might be less active, they often have a close-knit community.

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