LingoMelo Review: Pros and Cons of this Brand New Language Platform in 2024

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Updated on: August 4, 2023

There are dozens of valid methods when it comes to learning a new language. 

For some, the visual association of images with their concepts still works; others prefer having a teacher focused on grammar and word pronunciation, and some appropriate the knowledge better when exposed to natural or virtual exercises that mimic everyday conversations while testing their memory, as in LingoMelo.

In this LingoMelo review, we will tell you everything about this new language platform and whether or not it is worth subscribing to. 

We will dive into its features, available courses, current prices, and pros and cons so that you can consciously decide to learn any of the 18 languages this alternative offers in 2024.

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What is LingoMelo?

LingoMelo is a self-paced, membership-based language learning platform. It currently has 18 languages available and more than 600 hours of lessons with native teachers worldwide.

Initially, several of its courses were offered in Skillademia as part of its extensive catalog. 

However, as it grew exponentially, the creators of this platform decided to provide the language courses on a separate and renovated site exclusively for this purpose. If LingoMelo is legit, the answer is yes. 

Like Skillademia, this platform, which today has more than 1700 lectures designed for both beginners and advanced learners, was founded in Lithuania by entrepreneur Jacob Laukaitis together with a group of passionate linguists who believe that learning a language is more than memorizing grammar; it is about entering the culture of a community. 

Who Should Use LingoMelo?

LingoMelo is an excellent choice for those wanting to learn languages with a more mature approach than platforms like Rosetta Stone. It doesn't matter if you are starting from scratch or building on existing skills; this platform suits all levels.

Additionally, LingoMelo offers insights into the languages' history in high-quality content. So, if you want to immerse yourself in the cultures while practicing pronunciation and improving grammar, this alternative gives a practical approach that sets it apart from the competition.

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Credits: Gerd Altmann on Pixabay


Currently, LingoMelo has a catalog of 18 languages, such as

  • Arabic. 
  • Chinese.
  • Danish.
  • English.
  • Filipino.
  • French.
  • German.
  • Georgian.
  • Greek.
  • Italian.
  • Japanese.
  • Korean.
  • Polish.
  • Portuguese.
  • Russian.
  • Spanish.
  • Tamil.
  • Turkish.

Each course follows a user-friendly structure, encouraging students to continue learning.

For example, all lessons have an introductory class to present the desired language, the context of the countries that speak it, and part of its history. That is a complete plus, as it makes users get more engaged with their classes and naturally approach the language.

Learning Methodology:

As we mentioned, one aspect that makes LigoMelo stand out from the other similar options in the market is its methodology of learning a language based on everyday life.

That is why the lessons of each course contain chapters of information dedicated to teaching not only the alphabet, manners, numbers, colors, and food but also common expressions for any situation, such as those used for going to the doctor, shopping, or doing business.

Naturally, the more the student advances, the higher the level of difficulty of the lessons increases. For this reason, LingoMelo also offers chapters dedicated exclusively to the grammatical structure of languages.

One of the biggest concerns of LingoMelo instructors is pronouncing words, letters, and phrases near-native. 

This particular approach is interesting because the courses have an entire chapter dedicated to improving that skill, including dictations and extra dictations.

LingoMelo 4

Learning with music

Even though LingoMelo is a virtual platform, it does everything possible to give you different types of contact with the language you want to learn. 

Remember when you've traveled to destinations with a different language for extended stays? Well, you've probably seen how your understanding has improved precisely because of the exposure to everyday activities in that new language. 

For this reason, LingoMelo's courses have a section for you to strengthen your new language with music. Very original and necessary, isn't it?

Tutoring through Google Meet

One of the criticisms some language platforms have had is the lack of accompaniment in the learning process. And this is not surprising. What happens when you have specific doubts about a subject? 

Not having a tutor to guide students can be a demotivating factor, so LingoMelo offers a personalized approach to four languages through 60-minute live lessons with native teachers via the videoconferencing platform Google Meet.

This learning modality has three modalities with different prices than the "traditional" LingoMelo method. However, if you want to try the live classes, you can schedule a complete and free session at this link.

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Certificate of Completion

Learning new skills, such as speaking a new language, takes time and effort. That is why looking for certified platforms to validate that effort is essential. 

This detail, crucial when deciding on any alternative, is not a minor issue, and LingoMelo knows it. That is why, at the end of your courses, you will always get a certificate to attach to platforms such as LinkedIn to give relevance and professionalism to your profile.


In addition to the 18 courses available in 2024, LingoMelo also has extra resources that you can find on its blog.

There you can find tips to improve your approach to the languages you are interested in, statistics, and relevant information to keep you motivated. 

Access to their blog is free, so if you want to look at it and start soaking up the LingoMelo method, you can visit their website.

Plans and Pricing

LingoMelo has different subscription plans to get you started on your way to a new language. 

However, you should know that, unlike options such as Rosetta Stone, which starts with a 3-month plan, discounting the total amount in a single transaction, LingoMelo allows you to begin your classes with subscriptions ranging from one month to lifetime access. 

Let's explore them further:

One-month plan

It's 30 days to try the platform and have access to the 18 languages LingoMelo offers for $19.

If you feel comfortable with this plan, you can resume it again for the same price and period.

12-month plan

This annual option is currently discounted. Usually, the price for 12 months of access to all LingoMelo courses is $228.

For now, it is possible to access this subscription for $108. That means each month would cost about $9. However, you should know that you will only pay once, not monthly. In other words, the annual total will be debited in a single transaction.

Lifetime access

This lifetime plan is undoubtedly the best LingoMelo option (and the recommended default). 

With a current discount of 63%, it is possible to have lifetime access to all 18 available languages with a single payment of $246.

That is one of the most affordable paid options in the market right now. If you look at other similar platforms, such as Lingoda, you'll notice you can pay up to $872 for limited access for almost four years.

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Classes with native tutors:

In addition to these three plans, LingoMelo offers subscriptions to live classes with native tutors on Google Meet. Remember this option for those who like personalized lessons? Well. There are currently three options you can access. 

Let's look at them:

Five live classes

The advantage of the classes with tutors is that the sessions are private, and you can solve all your doubts in real-time. 

This type of methodology, which currently only offers four languages (English, Spanish, French, and German), starts with five classes, each lasting one hour.

To access this number of lessons, you must pay $175 in a single transaction, equivalent to $35 per meeting.

12 live classes

There are options in the market, such as Lingoda, that also offer this personalized service of classes with native teachers; however, each class costs around $30 on that platform. 

LingoMelo, on the other hand, charges $24 for each class, for a total of $288 debited in a single transaction.

A plus with any of LingoMelo's tutoring plans is that you will receive lessons based on your actual level of the language you want to learn or improve. 

That means that you can take classes at A1 (New Lingo), A2 (Melo Worder), B1 (Talking Lingo), B2 (Lingo Presenter), and C1 (Master Melo).

20 live classes

Undoubtedly, this is the best of the three tutoring options. Not only because there are 20 completely private lessons, but because compared to the other live plans, this one is the most economical one seen, at least from the point of view of individual lessons.

With this option, each hour costs $20 for a one-time payment of $400. Remember that this value is a courtesy, as this package usually costs $700. What are you waiting for?

LingoMelo 7

Pros vs. Cons

Around this LingoMelo review, we have given you an in-depth description of this platform. 

However, if you want a quicker look that will make you make a more conscious decision on whether or not to invest your money here, we leave you with the main pros and cons of this new alternative, which has a lot to offer.

Variety in teaching methodologies. Cheaper or more accessible options are available on other platforms.
LingoMelo provides a wide range of languages. No community forum for sharing experiences.
Tutoring classes are available for different learning levels. They have limited extra material to complement lessons.
Clean, simple, and friendly interface. No mobile app is currently available.
Live classes with professional tutors. Lack of final evaluations in video courses for measuring acquired knowledge.
Exercises like dictation to improve listening and writing skills.
Different plans to suit all budgets.
Free trial available for personalized lessons.
14-day refund for pre-recorded courses.
This platform includes a certificate of completion.
Everyday expression-based language approach.

Is LingoMelo Worth It?

After thoroughly testing the platform, we are convinced that LingoMelo has many advantages over disadvantages. If the question is whether or not we recommend this platform, without hesitation, it is a resounding yes.

Just the detail that they focus on getting you closer to your desired language, not from the rigid and unnatural grammar, but from the every day and the context of each language, is an absolute pro. So is offering more personalized classes. 

In addition to the above, LingoMelo includes unusual methods in other renowned platforms, such as learning through music. 

Finally, the prices are also similar to its competitors, being, in some cases, even cheaper. For this reason, we recommend taking advantage of the current discounts to start an experience that will stay with you forever. 


How Does the Refund Policy Apply?

LingoMelo does not offer refunds for its tutoring classes, as it gives users the option to access one for free. That means that students can decide, once they have seen the lesson, whether or not they are convinced by the method to purchase one of the plans.

However, refunds are available for video courses if unsatisfied with the experience. Important: you only have 14 days to request your money back.

Can I Cancel My LingoMelo Membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime from the Manage Subscription section when you log in to the website.

How Can the Live Classes Suit My Timetable?

LingoMelo offers a flexible schedule that would fit your availability. We recommend booking seven days in advance to ensure more convenient time slots are available.

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