Top Technology Trends to Watch in 2024

Updated on March 20, 2024
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Technology trends

2023 was a year of significant developments in machine intelligence and the convergence of the real and virtual worlds. The rise of generative AI took center stage, setting the conditions for its impactful role in 2024.  

As tech redefines how organizations operate and reshape our world, rapid data capture and connectivity progress propels us into a future where possibilities are limitless. Excited to know what's on the horizon? Join us to dive into the top technology trends for 2024.

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AI: The main trend of 2024

AI, or artificial intelligence, is no longer confined to tech enthusiasts. With OpenAI's ChatGPT hitting the mainstream in late 2022, giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple swiftly joined the AI wave.

In simple terms, AI encompasses software using advanced techniques like machine learning and deep learning to understand data and identify patterns. 

AI development accelerated around 2012, with companies like Meta and Baidu pioneering brain-mimicking algorithms. 

Analysts predict that soon, all software will incorporate AI, offering tailored products and services for a competitive edge.

Why will generative AI be mainstream in 2024?

The rise of generative AI, such as Chat-GPT, Claude, Bard, or Microsoft’s Bing, is more than a tech buzz; it's reshaping industries and our daily lives.

According to Forbes, that particular global market's staggering growth, from $136.55 billion in 2022 to a projected $1,811.8 billion by 2030, signifies a seismic shift.

But why will AI be the talk of 2024?

  • The AI job boom

Job postings related to AI have surged, increasing from a 1.7% in 2021 to a 1.9% in 2022, highlighting its growing importance across sectors.

But the demand for AI skills isn't just a trend; it's a fundamental shift in how industries operate. Companies seek AI-savvy individuals mainly in healthcare, finance, tech, and manufacturing.

In 2023, CNBC reported searches for generative AI jobs on platforms like Indeed surged nearly 4,000%, and openings for these jobs are up by 306% compared to the previous year.

  • Generative AI secured $15.3B in funding in early 2023

The use of AI is set to surge as funding for generative AI startups hit $15.3 billion in the first half of 2023, nearly tripling last year's total as the NY Times reported.

With AI startups in the leading tech stage offering attractive compensation, including base salaries exceeding $200,000 and potential stock grants, the trend will reshape the technology landscape in 2024.

  •  AI can help developers complete tasks 88% faster

AI is becoming a significant trend in 2024, driven by its role in boosting efficiency and innovation since businesses are turning to AI tools for a productivity boost.

IT leaders are convinced, with 86% believing that generative AI will play a significant role in their organizations, and some developers are also on board with this position.

In a GitHub survey using Copilot, an AI system for code translation, 88% of developers feel they can complete tasks more quickly. That enhances efficiency and brings a positive shift in their job satisfaction. 

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Cyber resilience will be crucial in 2024

Cyber resilience will become central in 2024 because of growing security worries. Protecting systems and data will be crucial as businesses prepare for future threats.

A key reason for concerns is staff shortages in cybersecurity. However, automation helps less expert techs contribute, while more data-driven tools and automated reporting will let professionals concentrate on critical issues.

The push towards resilience during digital changes will drive the use of data security systems next year.

Why will cyber resilience be a trend in 2024?

Cyber resilience is a crucial defense against sophisticated cybercrime. According to Forbes, it goes beyond old-school cybersecurity. Today, it protects against attacks and enables recovery if breaches or surprises happen.

This wider approach involves remote working policies since cyber threats keep changing. 

For 2024, expect tech investments that strengthen systems and help companies adapt and thrive despite cyber threats.

  • 56% of organizations are prioritizing cyber resilience as industry cyber attacks surge

With research revealing that 1 in 2 businesses faced successful cyberattacks in the last three years, the demand for technology solutions that enhance defenses and provide a robust defense strategy is rising.

In 2023, the Softcat report highlights that 56% of businesses consider cybersecurity crucial, paving the way for the increased importance of cyber resilience.

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  • Cyber resilience is a must-have defense against the $10 trillion cyber threat

As businesses brace themselves for escalating risks, the urgent need for cyber resilience becomes clear—a crucial shield in the ongoing battle against cyber adversaries.

In 2023, recent reports have shown that over a third of companies opted to pay the ransom after a successful ransomware attack.

With industry cyberattacks projected to cost over $10 trillion by the end of the year, organizations are prioritizing technology solutions that not only bolster defenses but also provide a fighting chance against the ever-growing threat landscape.

  • The cybersecurity AI market could be $46.3 billion by 2027

Some software applications rely heavily on open-source code. But, Synopsys's 2023 report shows that 84% of code bases have at least one open-source vulnerability.

However, adopting artificial intelligence (AI) for cybersecurity is booming. By 2027, AI in cybersecurity is expected to reach a substantial market value of $46.3 billion, reflecting the urgency and investment in advanced defense mechanisms.


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Embracing sustainable tech in 2024

Sustainable tech isn't just about electric cars; it's a broader revolution. Electric vehicles, bikes, and public transport will claim more market share. 

In 2023, people worried about the environmental impact of big tech like AI, crypto, and the cloud. That's why "green" IT solutions are game-changers.

Why will sustainable tech be a trend in 2024?

In 2024, developers will deal with challenges like finding ethical materials, handling changes due to more electric vehicles, and ensuring more people can use green options.

Additionally, people will focus on stopping greenwashing, where companies pretend to be eco-friendly just for good publicity.

  • The global green technology and sustainability market are expected to skyrocket to $61.92 billion by 2030

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global green technology and sustainability market could grow from $16.50 billion in 2023 to an impressive $61.92 billion by 2030.

This projection responds to the efforts of countries and corporations to meet net-zero commitments. Individuals, too, will increasingly turn to tech solutions to reduce their environmental impact.

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  • The cloud makes up about 25% to 1.5% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

Instead of being in the sky, the cloud includes 7.2 million power-hungry data centers worldwide that use a lot of electricity and water.

Reports say the internet's carbon output each year is like adding up the emissions of Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Mongolia.

Lancaster University estimates the cloud adds 25% to 1.5% to global greenhouse gas emissions, hitting 100 million tonnes annually. That's why it will be crucial to balance "tech for sustainability" with the "sustainability of tech" in 2024.

  • AI training uses 2% of U.S. electricity

In 2024, making AI eco-friendly will be an essential aspect of sustainable technology initiatives. 

AI plays a crucial role in achieving environmental goals by monitoring climate trends, optimizing recycling processes, and enhancing fuel efficiency in transportation.

Yet, AI training centers use a lot of electricity, about 2% of the U.S. total. Even a recent Gartner study highlights the substantial water consumption of models like ChatGPT. 

Using composite AI is a good solution to make AI greener. It works like the human brain, using knowledge graphs for problem-solving, making tech more eco-friendly.

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Platform engineering for seamless app development

Platform engineering is a modern technology that speeds up application delivery and business value creation. It involves creating and managing user-friendly internal development platforms, with each layer catering to specific needs.

Dedicated product teams build and maintain these platforms to optimize productivity and enhance the user experience.

Why will platform engineering be a trend in 2024?

The emergence of new tools in the DevOps community has propelled platform engineering into the spotlight. These tools are designed to simplify the creation and upkeep of platforms, making it a buzzworthy topic among developers.

  • 94% of DevOps use platform engineering for agile success

Platform engineering will be significant in 2024 because it broadly impacts organizations. A 2023 Puppet report shows that 94% of DevOps teams use it to maximize DevOps gains.

The survey also found 68% sped up development, with 42% seeing a major increase.

In 2024, the top priorities for platform teams match product management. They want to boost awareness of capabilities, define their role, and track industry needs and feature demands. 

Platform engineering helps teams build reliable, reusable components as software complexity grows. That drives efficiency while meeting changing customer expectations.

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  • 71% of companies eye platform engineers for the future hiring surge

In a job market where layoffs are becoming more common, individuals with platform engineering experience are poised for an advantage. 

According to Puppet by Perforce’s 2023 State of DevOps, 71% of companies plan to hire someone with platform engineering qualifications within the next 12 months, with 53% aiming to do so within six months. That makes platform engineering a sought-after skill set in the tech job market in 2024.

  • 80% of organizations could embrace platform engineering by 2026

According to Gartner, by 2026, approximately 80% of large software engineering organizations might adopt platform engineering to provide reusable services, components, and tools to address collaboration challenges between developers and operators.

This approach aligns with the growing trend of sharing technical work and knowledge across different roles and business functions facilitated by generative AI.

Summary: Top technology trends for 2024

AI: The main trend of 2024

● The AI job boom

● Generative AI secured $15.3B in funding in early 2023

● AI can help developers complete tasks 88% faster

Cyber resilience will be crucial in 2024

● 56% of organizations are prioritizing cyber resilience as industry cyberattacks surge

● Cyber resilience is a must-have defense against the $10 trillion cyber threat

● The cybersecurity AI market could be $46.3 billion by 2027

Embracing sustainable tech in 2024

● The global green technology and sustainability market are expected to skyrocket to $61.92 billion by 2030

● The cloud makes up about 25% to 1.5% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

● AI training uses 2% of U.S. electricity

Platform engineering for seamless app development

● 94% of DevOps use platform engineering for agile success

● 71% of companies eye platform engineers for the future hiring surge

● 80% of organizations could embrace platform engineering by 2026

Final Thoughts

As tools like ChatGPT become commonplace, businesses across industries will adopt AI to work smarter and faster. That is why funding and jobs in AI continue to balloon, showing its pivotal role.

In addition, developers will increasingly use platform engineering to build reliable apps quickly. Overall, innovative technologies will reshape how we live and work.

However, AI intersects with another significant tech trend: Cybersecurity, which remains crucial as threats become more sophisticated. Companies will prioritize resilience to endure and recover from attacks.

Considering the environmental impacts of data centers, AI, and cloud computing, sustainability is also vital. However, while AI gets a lot of attention, a growing focus will be on secure, eco-friendly software that seamlessly enables new capabilities. 

The foundations set in 2023 pave the way for AI and other advancements to disrupt businesses and society in the coming years.


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