Etsy Statistics (2024): Growth, Revenue, Demographics, and E-Commerce Impact

Updated on February 9, 2024
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As Etsy continues to redefine the landscape of creativity and entrepreneurship, understanding its growth and reach becomes crucial for anyone involved in the world of e-commerce. 

In this article I’ll dive into a curated collection of the most up-to-date and relevant Etsy statistics, offering an in-depth analysis of everything from seller demographics to revenue growth. 

How Much Traffic Does Etsy Get?

Etsy receives, on average, over 500 million visits per month. According to data shared by SimilarWeb, in December 2023 Etsy received 536.2 million in total. This meant that the Christmas season saw a 7.27% traffic growth compared to November of that same year.

Etsy Buyer Demographics

Most of Etsy’s web traffic, more than half of it to be precise, comes from users in the United States at 57.77%. The rest of the top countries include the United Kingdom in second place with 9.15%, Canada in third place with 4.87%, Germany in fourth place with 4.09%, and Australia being the fifth with 2.88%.

Etsy Statistics 1

Etsy’s Traffic Demographics

Looking at data shared by SimilarWeb we can understand that most of Etsy’s traffic are women, with 58.14% of the site’s traffic being female and 41.86% being male.

Also, the largest age group of visitors is made of 25 - 34 year olds with 29.63% of the traffic. The complete age distribution in Etsy’s traffic is the following:

  • 25 - 34 year olds (29.63%)
  • 35 - 44 year olds (18.28%)
  • 18 - 24 year olds (17.53%)
  • 45 - 54 year olds (15.06%)
  • 55 - 64 year olds (11.71%)
  • 65+ year olds (7.79%)

How Much Revenue Does Etsy Generate?

With 2023’s annual report pending to be released, according to Etsy’s Q3 2023 report, as of November 2023, the company had a revenue of $1.9 billion in the last nine months. This represented a substantial 8.4% growth from 2022’s Q3 reported revenue of $1.75 billion.

Etsy Statistics 2

Etsy Sellers and Buyers Growth Rate

By looking at company data, we can see that the company had a decrease in active sellers and Buyers in the past years. By the start of 2023, the company had a 0.7% active seller reduction going from around 7.52 million sellers in December 2021 to 7.47 million in December 2022. The platform’s active buyers saw a more significant 1.3% reduction, going from 96.33 million buyers in December 2021 to just over 95 million in December 2022.

However, despite the setback, by September 2023, Etsy experienced a 19% year-to-year growth by going from 7.39 million active sellers to 8.8 million. It also managed to recover from the previous year drop in active buyers, as it reported 97.34 million with a 3.4% growth on a year-to-year basis. 

Etsy Top Selling Items

If you’re planning to sell on Etsy, this one's for you. According to a study carried by Bloggingwizzard, these are the top 10 best selling items on Etsy in 2023:

  • Beads: With a total of 8,036,493 listings in the platform, this item had 14,449 average searches, 14,692 average clicks, and an average price of $20.00.
  • Pins: This item had 2,237,978 listings in total, 24,605 average searches, 21,416 average clicks, and an average price of $15.00.
  • Pendants: Pendants had a total of 5,266,023 listings, 14,238 average searches, 11,780 average clicks, and an average price of $34.13.
  • Stickers: With 3,735,795 total listings, stickers were the fourth most sold item in 2023, averaging 3,735,795 searches, 89,168 clicks, and an average price of $3.50.
  • Books: Books came in fifth with 2,562,853 total listings, 13,719 average searches, 11,045 average clicks, and an average price of $13.10. 
  • Paintings: This item had 3,449,518 listings, 8,131 average searches, 5,754 average clicks, and an average price of $14.98.
  • Mugs: Mugs had 2,464,951 total listings, 28,097 average searches, 19,924 average clicks, and an average price of $18.17.
  • Charms: This item had 4,438,565 listings, 11,843 average searches, 7,820 average clicks, and an average price of $8.00
  • Dangle & Drop Earrings: This item accounted for 2,613,955 listings, 3,832 average searches, 2,367 average clicks, and an average price of $22.00
  • Decals: Decals were the tenth best selling item of 2023 with 2,078,232 listings, 7,793 average searches, 4,760 average clicks, and an average price of $5.99.  

Etsy Marketplace Trends for Early 2024

As we enter a new year, Etsy did its traditional trend report and these are some of the most important takeaways:

  • Color of the year: According to Etsy, the color of 2024 will be Berry, as it complements with Etsy’s 2023 color of the year Pink, and goes really well with red and blue tones. 

    Gifting and Occasions:
  • For New Year’s Etsy suggests gifts related to setting goals, motivation and organizing daily life: journals, desk organizers, datebooks, and planners.
  • Valentine’s Day: This holiday will be about all-out-romance with charming jewelry items such as necklaces and other jewelry flaunting heartfelt charms becoming more popular this year as well as couple hoodies.
  • Mother’s Day: little luxuries such as makeup bags, lovely-smelling candles, linen bathrobes will be perfect gifts as well as lockets, charms, keepsake boxes, and picture frames to keep memories and mementos.

    Decor Trends:
  • Flexibility: Modular systems that offer versatility and evolve with the shoppers lifestyles.
  • Curve appeal: Gently rounded shapes that create cozy nooks inside homes.
  • Denim decor: From throw pillows and quilts to placemats, living spaces with denim will be THE THING.
  • Boho details and woodwork: Everything artistic, handmade that includes carved designs, interesting finishes, and collaging of wood veneers to form patterns.
  • Waves, wiggles, and abstract forms: Anything dynamic with undulating shapes will add interest to furniture. Shapes like blobs resembling melting ice will add a fresh look.

    Style Trends:
  • Clothing: Everything that’s empowering, flexible, moody and versatile will be the trend. From pieces that focus on volume or hard lines, designs that accentuate the feminine side will be very sought after in 2024.
  • Jewelry & Accessories: Charming pieces with mixed metals that use upcycled materials and evoque sentimental styles will be the best compliment in 2024.

Top 10 Etsy Sellers

According to Marketplace Pulse, as of January 2024, here are the top 10 sellers from around the world in a 30-day-period. The site gathers data from Etsy, listing the top 100 sellers every 30 days. The list can be seen overly dominated by the United States, as it accounts for more than half of the top 100 businesses:

1. CaitlynMinimalist: a jewelry seller from the United States with over 55,965 sales.

2. Littlebirdiecanada: a paper & party supplies seller from Canada with over 48,817 sales.

3. SilverRainSilver: a jewelry seller from the United Kingdom that has over 31,762 sales.

4. WarungBeads: a craft supplies & tools seller from the United States with over 25,082 sales.

5. SeedGeeks: a home & living seller from the United States with over 23,426 sales.

6. DesignArtATX: an arts & collectibles seller from the United States with over 21,746 sales.

7. MyPorchPrints: a craft supplies & tools seller from the United States with over 19,092 sales.

8. CreationCraftStudio: a craft supplies & tools seller from China with over 15,312 sales

9. SouthernSeedExchange: a home & living seller from the United States with over 15,200 sales.

10. KeinMaker: a craft supplies & tools seller from an unknown country that has over 15,180 sales.

Etsy Statistics 3

Etsy E-commerce Impact Statistics

Etsy is a rare case of success. Even though it is notably smaller than the popular e-commerce sites like Amazon or Alibaba, Etsy lives in a different space, dominating among the artist-made and handmade goods marketplace. 

To say that Etsy picked a very specific niche falls short to what it actually means. According to Enlyft, Etsy has only around 0.48% of the ecommerce market share, yet it makes billions in revenue each year.

Etsy also pursuits different ESG initiatives including achieving Net Zero carbon emissions, achieving a 22% reduction in Scope 3 emissions so far.

Etsy provides U.S. Etsy and Depop sellers a friendly packaging made from 100% recycled and responsibly sourced materials.

Etsy sources 100% renewable electricity to most of its in-cloud, office, and remote work operations. 

In 2022, Etsy set up a $22 million Impact Investment fund destined to initiatives that help accelerate the development of the creative economy, support financially underserved communities, and promote sustainability.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Etsy's journey makes us all witnesses of the fact that a niche e-commerce platform can achieve significant commercial success while having a huge impact, both in the e-commerce market and the environment. It should not be surprising that Etsy is poised to continue its remarkable growth, leading the charge towards a more fair, greener, and sustainable e-commerce world.



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