Free Character Design Course for Beginners

Updated on: February 2, 2023

Start creating incredible new characters and become a character designer with these three hours Free Character Design Course for Beginners. Click here to go to the complete course. 

Who is this course for? 

Character design is an ability that consists of using artistic skills to create memorable and stunning characters. These characters can be normal human beings like us or supernatural creatures with exceptional characteristics. 

Do you want to become a professional character designer and create original characters for movies, tv shows, and video games? Then, this course will be perfect for you. Here you'll learn all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to start creating characters from scratch. This course will also teach you the best step-by-step and some tips and tricks to follow so you can develop new fictional characters and bring them to life. 

You'll find this course very helpful if you are into illustration and drawing and want to gain the skill of designing characters. Here you'll learn how to use your talent and artistic abilities and apply them to develop the look, aesthetic, and overall visual experience of new characters. 

What will you learn in this course? 

You'll begin this course by learning what character design is and what the creation of a character consists of. Here you'll see how the behavior and personality of a character can be represented by its look and how this can contribute to the storytelling. 

Then, you'll learn about one of the critical components of character design: the silhouette. This component refers to the fact that a unique and different character can be recognized just by its silhouette. This component will help you to remember the importance of details when you design your characters to make them stand out from the others.

After this, you'll learn about some of the most used programs where you can start designing characters.

You'll begin by learning about Clip Studio Paint. The first thing you'll know in this program is the line exercise. This exercise is beneficial for you to practice how to do long, confident lines and shapes to start warming up before drawing.

Next, in this program, you'll learn the best way to work with layers and the functions of some of the tools in the program, such as the pencil, brush, eraser, line, and selection tool. 

Then, you'll learn how to use Photoshop to create characters. Here, you'll see which Photoshop tools will help you to draw your characters. For example, you'll learn about the different types of brushes the brush tool offers and the effects they create. You'll also learn about the wand, selection, crop, lasso, and eraser tools, and you’ll see how to use them through some shape exercises. 

In addition, you'll learn about shapes and forms, which are other critical components for character design. In this part of the course, you'll learn the importance of practice to become a better drawer and illustrator.

Here you'll see some daily exercises you can do to improve your drawing skills and perspective eye. Finally, you'll learn to use simple shapes to create fully detailed elements and objects. 

Finally, you'll begin to design complete characters. You'll learn the best step-by-step to develop your characters quickly and successfully. You'll start by sketching your characters using a method called stacking shapes.

With these shapes, you'll be able to mold the basic structure of your character so you can start creating the final outline with all the details. And finally, you'll be able to start figuring out the perfect color palette to use in your character to give it that final touch. 

What can you create with character design?

With character design, you'll be able to portray the complete look of new personas so you can use them in any media. From tv shows, movies, and cartoons to video games and brands. 

By the end of this course, you'll be able to design complete characters that can tell stories by how they look. You'll also understand the importance of color, detail, and style in developing unique and remarkable characters.

After this course, you'll be able to use programs such as Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop to start developing characters from scratch. You'll know how to use these programs' tools and functions and take advantage of them during your creative process.   


Do I get certification with this course? 

You’ll get the full certification when you finish the Complete Character Design Megacourse: Beginner to Expert. Click here to go to the complete course.

Is Character Design hard for beginners? 

Learning character design is easy. But, like any other artistic skill, this ability requires much practice and patience to improve. This Free Character Design Course for Beginners provides you with all the information, support, and tips and tricks to make this process much easier and enjoyable. 

How long does it take to learn character design?

Learning character design is a long-term journey. You can always keep learning new things and techniques to improve your performance and results. However, this Free Character Design Course for Beginners will only take three hours for you to learn and understand all the main components and fundamentals to start developing outstanding characters like a pro. 

Develop power skills and express your creativity!

Create the most unique and outstanding characters to star in incredible stories. Click here to see some of the best tips from an expert in character design. 

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