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Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint

In this course, you’re going to learn everything about creating digital art with Clip Studio Paint.
12.5 hours of video learning material
Certificate of completion
What you'll learn:
How to use CSP and its elements
The principles of drawing in CSP
The principles of illustrations in CSP
How to sketch out, colour, render and master your art
Who is this for:
Anyone who wants to learn to create digital art - no experience needed!
Artists/designers who want to learn new styles
Anyone with specialised needs (cartoonists, digital artists, illustrators, animators)

What our customers say about this course

Harold One F.
Great introduction to Clip Studio Paint
Adriana K Liendo S.
It's one of the best ClipStudio courses I've done, because it not only shows how to use the tool, but also how it develops different illustration techniques. Some videos are a bit slow because there is a lot of silence, but they are worth watching
Jiyo Y.
Easy to understand.
Adebisi Y.
The course is a great course in paint graphics.

The instructor is calm and teaches well.


Curriculum for Clip Studio Paint

12.5 hours of valuable content

6 sections • 17 lectures • 12h 37m total length
3 lectures • 2hr 2min
Introduction, Layers and Brushes • 30:19
Sketches and Base Colors • 44:14
Blending • 47:30
Colourful Portrait
3 lectures • 1hr 46min
Part 1 • 51:04
Part 2 • 47:02
Part 3 • 08:16
Animal Portrait
3 lectures • 2hr 3min
Part 1 • 32:53
Part 2 • 38:46
Part 3 • 51:38
Anthropomorphic Character
2 lectures • 1hr 31min
Part 1 • 15:56
Part 2 • 01:15:07
Fantasy Character
3 lectures • 2hr 55min
Part 1 • 52:49
Part 2 • 01:06:11
Part 3 • 55:53
Painting an Environment
3 lectures • 2hr 20min
Part 1 • 01:14:46
Part 2 • 01:04:54
Last Words • 00:30

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Hours of video content
Different skills
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