Free FL Studio Course for Beginners

Updated on: December 1, 2022

This Free FL Studio Course for Beginners is a 4-and-a-half-hour-long course that will teach you all the fundamentals to start working on FL Studio and create your next hit. Click here to check out the complete course

Who is this course for?

Are you into music production and want to start creating your songs out of scratch but don't know where to start? Well, this course will be the perfect start for you! According to many music industry workers, FL Studio is one of the best DAW (digital audio workstations) for beginners. If you want to start performing as a DJ and create new mixes with existing songs, this course will provide you with all the knowledge you need to handle FL Studio like a pro to start your music career.

If you are a musical composer for films, tv shows, or video games, in this free course, you'll learn how to compose musical pieces full of effects to create unique environments that will help with storytelling.

Do you like singing and are looking forward to writing your music and developing its melody and instrumentals? Well, this course will be helpful to take that step and start making new music pieces for your career. 

What would you learn in this free course?

During this free FL Studio course for beginners, you'll learn all the basics you need to know about tools and materials to start working on FL Studio. You'll begin by learning how to start a brand-new project or create a project with a template for a specific genre.

Then, you'll learn about all the tools and tabs that the menu offers you, as well as how to manage the view, the browser, and the playlist to have an organized workspace and efficient workflow. After this, you'll learn how to use the channel rack, to create sounds, the wrapper window, to modify sounds and adjust its settings, and the mixer window, that is used to add effects to sounds.

In this course you'll learn how to create drum patterns to start a project or adjust the settings and add effects to sounds. 

This course will also teach you how to create new sounds using plugins to modify the pitch, the phase, the tune, and the volume of any instrument and manipulating it with filters and effects.

You'll also learn how to use different layers of effects and adjustments to a specific song section.

This is called automation, a little trick that will help any song to sound much better. Apart from all this, you'll learn how to use a couple of convenient plugins. For example, you'll learn about Harmor, an additive / subtractive synthesizer plugin that will help you manipulate a sound until you get what you want. You will also learn about Sytros, an FM (frequency modulation) synthesizer and some other plugins that will come in handy in your process.

Finally, you'll learn about the patcher, an instrument or effect that allows you to chain multiple effects and tools in one channel or effect slot. 

What can you create with this course?

By the end of this course, you'll be able to create songs from scratch. You'll start by composing patterns and sequences in the channel rack using plugins, samples, and the piano roll. There are more than 900 patterns that you can create, so let your creativity run free!

In these patterns and sequences, you'll be able to add automation in specific pieces of the song by changing the level, timbre, panning, and stereo space to add more detail to your composition. Then, in the mixer, you'll be able to start putting together the sounds you created. Here you'll be able to modify and set levels and effects such as distortion, reverb, and velocity until you reach the sound and pattern you were looking to create. 

When you finish this course, you'll also be capable of arranging and editing existing songs by moving, adding new patterns to the playlist, and modifying the sounds.

In this way, you can give it your personal touch. Either if you want to play them live, use them in a film, video game or TV series, or just have fun and create some songs to share with your friends, by the end of this course, you’ll have all the abilities you need to create original and unique compositions.


Do I get certification with this course?

You’ll get the full certification on FL Studio for beginners, after you finish the Complete FL Studio Megacourse: Beginner to Expert. Click here to take a look at the complete course. 

Is FL Studio free?

FL Studio has an unlimited free trial so you can try out most of the features and plugins. However, some save/load capabilities don't work in the free trial, and reopening saved projects will be impossible. But, if you buy FL Studio, you get a lifetime of free updates. Just make a one-time purchase to get all future FL Studio updates for free.  

How to download FL Studio?

To download FL Studio, first you must  go to Then, you must click on  “FL Studio” and hit the download button. Next, you'll have to choose your operating system and download the corresponding version. Make sure you follow the on-screen indications as soon as the download is completed!

Is it hard to learn FL Studio? 

FL Studio can be a complex software because of its many tools, gadgets, and properties. Nevertheless, learning how to use FL Studio properly is not hard, and with the right instructions and instructor this process will be easy, fast and enjoyable.

This course will provide you with a complete and easy-to-understand guide, so you can begin to try out and play around with all the different tools and effects you can find. The best way to learn and master this software is by exploring the endless possibilities of things you can create in this DAW.

How long does it take to learn FL Studio? 

FL Studio is constantly releasing new updates, so there are always new things to learn. There are so many different types of plugins that you can download to use on the software, so,for this reason, learning FL Studio is a never-ending journey.

But, with this course, it will only take you four-and-a-half hours to get to know the software so you can start your FL Studio journey. With this knowledge, you are going to be ready to start creating music  while you move forward in your process.   

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