Airbnb Statistics (2024): History, Profits, FAQ, and Best Cities to Book

Updated on January 30, 2024
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Airbnb began in 2008 when two designers hosted travelers on air mattresses to afford their rent. But the makeshift "Air Bed and Breakfast" spawned a hospitality disruptor active in 200+ countries.

Now, the app has transformed travel, offering stays in local homes instead of hotels. As the platform turns 16 in 2024, we explore the Airbnb statistics behind its rise, including:

  • Hosts and listings growth
  • Average booking value trends
  • Most popular destinations
  • Outlook for 2024

Key Airbnb Statistics

  • Airbnb General Statistics
  1. Airbnb has around 150 million users globally, including over 45 million in the United States.
  2. Listings on Airbnb with more detailed descriptions can get up to 20% more bookings.
  3. Renting out properties short-term is 2.6 times more profitable than renting long-term year-round.
  4. Active Airbnb listings exist in over 100,000 cities and towns worldwide.
  5. Every second, between 5 and 10 Airbnb guests check into listings somewhere internationally.
  6. There are over 4 million property owners listing spaces on Airbnb.
  7. Since starting in 2007, Airbnb has facilitated over 1.5 billion guest stays.
  8. On average, guests stay for four nights in an Airbnb booking.

Airbnb Corporate Statistics

  • Airbnb Corporate Overview

Airbnb Q3 bookings reached $113M 

Fresh off its highest-grossing summer, Airbnb also reported a standout Q3 2024 - bookings grew 14% year-over-year to surpass 113 million, while revenue increased 18%.

Net income hit Airbnb's best Q3, with free cash flow rising 37% amid continued pandemic recovery momentum.

Airbnb's 2023's Q3 net income was $1.6B

Bolstered by a $2.8 billion tax adjustment, Airbnb posted a vast $4.4 billion profit in Q3 2023. But excluding the one-off benefit, net income increased to $1.6 billion - up from $1.2 billion in Q3 2022.

Revenue growth, cost control, and interest fueled the underlying profit gain. Adjusted margin expanded to 47%, vs. 42% a year ago.

AirBnB Statistics 2

Airbnb active listings grow 19% in late 2023

According to the company's latest update, Airbnb encountered a substantial expansion in available bookable listings to start 2023 - active listings increased 19% year-over-year in Q3 2023 relative to Q3 2022.

Robust double-digit supply growth stretched across all regions and markets amid a travel resurgence. The wider selection helped Airbnb hosts earn over $19 billion just in Q3 as booking revenue soared.

AirBnB Statistics 3

How Many People Use Airbnb?

  • Airbnb Booking Statistics

There were over 7 million listings on Airbnb in 2023

As of 2023, Airbnb offered short-term stays across 7 million global listings powered by a host community now over 4 million strong in 220 countries.

Listings grew by 3 million since Airbnb reported 4 million in 2022.

Airbnb offers home rentals in 100,000+ cities

Airbnb's platform now includes short-term rental listings across over 100,000 towns and cities globally. 

In addition to typical guest houses, hotels, houses, and apartments, Airbnb also features over 2,600 treehouses, 40,000 farms, 3,500 castles, and 5,600 boats available for booking.

The breadth of inventory spans expected lodging types plus unique stays like yurts, lighthouses, domes, campervans, and more. 

  • Locations of Airbnb

8.5 million French used Airbnb in 2023's summer

Airbnb encountered massive engagement growth from the French this past summer travel season. 

Over 8.5 million people from France booked stays via Airbnb between June 1 and August 31, 2023 - a 35% increase compared to the 2018 summer.

Unsurprisingly, globally desired Paris accounted for much demand as it remains Airbnb's #1 destination.

Asia Pacific bookings were 27% higher than in 2022

In its latest report, Airbnb revealed that the regions driving its substantial growth were Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Bookings in the Asia Pacific region surged by an impressive 27% compared to the previous year, with cross-border recovery contributing significantly. 

Latin America emerged as the fastest-growing region, witnessing a surge of around 24% of nights and experiences booked, showcasing the platform's resilience and popularity in these dynamic markets.

Airbnb listings in NYC fell over 80% in two months

Airbnb's available short-term rental listings in New York City have plummeted over 80% year-to-date - dropping from 22,434 listings in August 2023 down to just 3,227 by October 1st, per data from industry watchdog Inside Airbnb.

The massive reduction comes amid stricter municipal regulations taking effect for home-sharing platforms. 

Worryingly, for Airbnb, only 417 NYC properties are currently registered with the city for legal operation.

AirBnB Statistics 4

How Much Does It Cost to Stay in An Airbnb?

  • Airbnb Pricing Statistics

​​Airbnb offers up to 33% savings for groups compared to hotel room rates in the U.S.

An analysis by NerdWallet focusing on 1,000 U.S. Airbnb reservations for 2022 and 2023 revealed a mixed bag when it comes to pricing.

For a group of six, the average Airbnb was 33% more budget-friendly than booking three hotel rooms. 

On the flip side, when it came to a party of two, the average hotel room emerged as 29% cheaper than booking an Airbnb. 

The study compared one-night stays in hotels with private rooms offered by Airbnb, showcasing that Airbnb rooms were consistently more affordable in every city analyzed.

Sometimes, hotels can cost up to $600 less than rentals in popular cities

A recent study showed that travelers could find some of the best hotel savings in Amsterdam and London, where hotel rooms cost $82 and $74 less than a one-bedroom rental. 

In San Francisco and New York, hotels were $44 and $21 cheaper than one-bedroom rentals. 

Over a week-long vacation, travelers may pay up to $600 more for a rental than a hotel. The takeaway? Don't assume a hotel will always cost more—check rates across different platforms when planning your next trip.

AirBnB Statistics 5

Airbnb Company Financials

  • Airbnb Market Value

Airbnb's market cap soars to $89.68 billion in 2024

Airbnb has evolved into a market giant in seventeen years, now valued at $89.68 billion as of January 2024.

That figure places Airbnb among the top 162 most valuable companies globally by market capitalization. 

Surpassing the combined worth of Hilton and Wyndham a few years back, Airbnb is making significant strides, closing in on major players like Marriott.

Institutional investors have supported Airbnb with over $1 billion

Airbnb has seen a surge in support from institutional investors, with major players like Vanguard Group Inc. increasing their stake by 43%.

Vanguard now holds an impressive 34,238,727 shares, reinforcing Airbnb's position in the market. 

Norges Bank entered the scene with a significant investment of $332,438,000. At the same time, Portside Wealth Group LLC and Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd Zurich made substantial contributions.

With J.P. Morgan Private Wealth Advisors LLC adding a stake of approximately $235,338,000 in the third quarter, institutional investors now own 44.19% of Airbnb's stock, solidifying the company's financial foundation.

AirBnB Statistics 6

Popular Airbnb Statistics Questions

  • FAQ About Airbnb Stats

How are residents affected by rentals in residential areas?

According to The Guardian, highlights concerns from residents facing a "living hell" with holiday rentals.

Issues include a lack of knowledge about who is in the building, corridor disturbances, people coming home drunk, and some residents being forced out of their living arrangements.

Is there a global effort to regulate the rise of Airbnb?

Yes. Cities like New York, San Francisco, Dublin, Byron, and Mornington have faced similar issues related to Airbnb consuming local housing stock and disturbing residents. 

Many jurisdictions are engaged in separate legal battles to regulate Airbnb's impact, often initiated by property owners.

What are the new options for Co-Host payouts?

Hosts now have two additional options for sharing payouts with Co-Hosts – they can either share the cleaning fee or share the cleaning fee along with a percentage of the booking amount.

AirBnB Statistics 7

Summary: Airbnb Statistics (2024)

  1. Airbnb Q3 bookings reached $113M
  2. Airbnb's 2023's Q3 income was $1.6B
  3. Airbnb active listings grow 19% in late 2023
  4. There were over 7 million listings on Airbnb in 2023
  5. Airbnb offers home rentals in 100,000+ cities
  6. 8.5 million French used Airbnb in 2023's summer
  7. Asia Pacific bookings were 27% higher than in 2022
  8. Airbnb listings in NYC fell over 80% in two months
  9. ​​Airbnb offers up to 33% savings for groups compared to hotel room rates in the U.S.
  10. Sometimes, hotels can cost up to $600 less than rentals in popular cities
  11. Airbnb's market cap soars to $89.68 billion in 2024
  12. Institutional investors have supported Airbnb with over $1 billion


Airbnb has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small startup to offering over 7 million listings worldwide. 

As demand for affordable travel continues to rise post-pandemic, Airbnb saw active listings increase 19% in Q3 2023 compared to the previous year. This influx of new supply helped hosts earn over $19 billion in booking revenue amid double-digit solid growth across regions.

However, Airbnb's rapid expansion has come with growing pains. Major cities like New York and San Francisco have faced issues with Airbnb gobbling up housing stock as the platform now counts 150 million users globally. 

The situation has led jurisdictions from Dublin to Australia's Byron Bay to engage in legal battles to regulate the platform's impact. 

Still, for many travelers seeking budget-friendly accommodations, Airbnb's "new homes" section highlights recently added properties, often at attractive prices, to entice bookings. 

Taking advantage of lower prices in March and September/October is sage advice to save money.


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