Free Voice Training Course for Beginners

Updated on: February 14, 2023

Use your voice and take advantage of all the fantastic things you can do with it with this one-hour Free Voice Training Course for Beginners. Click here to go to the complete course. 

Who is this course for? 

Talking, singing, and voice acting are actions that consist of many more things than you think. For example, many parts of your body are involved in these actions, and knowing how they work and how to take good care of them is crucial. For this reason, if you want a career based on your voice, you need to know how to take care of it to ensure excellent performance and development. 

This Free Voice Training Course for Beginners will be perfect if you have always dreamed of learning to sing but have yet to decide where to start. This course will provide you with all the support, knowledge, tips, and tricks to use your voice correctly to create music and express yourself with the rest of the world. 

Would you like to become a voice actor and use your voice to bring any character to life? This Free Voice Training Course for Beginners will be essential for starting this fantastic career correctly. Here you’ll learn the most vital information to train, take care of, and control your voice to carry out this career successfully and safely.

What will you learn in this course?

This course will mainly teach essential theoretical information about voice training and its anatomy. Knowing these fundamental terms will allow you to understand how your body works and how to manage it correctly to improve your capacities and abilities.

You’ll begin this course by learning all the parts of your body that manage your voice and how they work. First, you’ll learn about the voice mechanism and how all its components work together to create sound. 

Then, you’ll get to know the voice box, the organ responsible for producing sound. The voice box comprises multiple parts, including muscles, nerves, cartilage, and vocal cords. Here you’ll understand the function of each of these parts, their main characteristics, and how they work together to produce sound.

After this, you’ll learn the main differences between singing and voice acting. First, you’ll see some important facts about singing, like the multiple ranges and the various body parts that can modify how you sing. Then, you’ll understand how signing requires some muscles, while voice acting requires vocal folds movements and many other muscles. 

Additionally, you’ll get to know some damages caused by the improper use of your voice and how to avoid them. This part is essential for you to understand the importance of knowing your body and taking care of it to keep a healthy body and a safe career. 

Finally, you’ll learn the best way to prepare your body before training. You’ll see some warming-up exercises that activate your body and brain through breathing and movements. You’ll also learn stretching practices that help you prepare your neck, shoulders, face, hands, and other parts to feel more relaxed while giving a speech or singing. These exercises will condition your whole body so you can have outstanding development.

What can you create with this course? 

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to understand how your body works when you speak, sing, and do voice acting. In addition, you’ll know which parts of your body are used to execute these actions and how each functions. 

After this course, you’ll take care of your voice and all the parts implicated in the process so they perform well. You’ll know how to warm up, stretch, and prepare your brain and body before you start practicing and working to have rewarding and fulfilling results. 


Do I get certification with this course? 

You must finish the Complete Voice Acting Megacourse: Beginner to Expert to get the full certification. Click here to go to the complete course. 

Is it hard to learn voice training?

Learning voice training is easy. Once you understand the main terms and fundamentals, you can start working with your voice correctly. This Free Voice Training Course for Beginners will provide you with the support you need, and you’ll learn all the essential information in the most comprehensive way possible. 

How long does it take to learn voice training?

Learning voice training can take time, thanks to the fact that you can always learn new exercises and techniques to keep improving. However, this Free Voice Training Course for Beginners will only take one hour to understand the essential information you need to train your voice like a pro. After this, you’ll be able to work with your voice and keep learning new abilities.

Develop power skills and express your creative side!

Don’t waste more time; start your singing and voice acting career now. Learn everything about voice training from the hand of an expert and start exploding your talent. You can click here to learn about some benefits of training your voice correctly and safely.

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