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Voice Acting Course

Learn how to become a voice actor/actress and use your voice like a pro with this step-by-step course!
6.5 hours of video learning material
Certificate of completion
What you'll learn:
The basics of voice acting and the correct way to speak into a microphone or a public
How to warm up and breathe correctly
How to use your voice to generate emotions
Introductory script analysis techniques
How to use your voice to create characters
Explore your vocal abilities
The Do's and Dont's of voice acting
Useful tips and tricks to help you with voice acting
Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn how to become a voice actor - no experience needed!
Voice actors/actresses who want to learn new styles and techniques
Anyone with specialised needs (dubbing actors, storytellers, speakers, students, teachers)

What our customers say about this course

Tauseed Z.
thats interesting

thanks for this course
Excellence and Distintion
Alejandro Gonzalo V.
An excellent course 100% recommended!!!
its amazing
A P.
Excellent course. A lot of experience and insight has been packed in the presentations in a very simple, non-complicated style. Thank you.
Yudha P.
Very easy to understand, clear explanation.

Curriculum for Voice Acting Course

6.5 hours of valuable material

5 sections • 31 lectures • 6h 18m total length
1 lecture • 3min
Introduction • 02:44
Vocal Technique
8 lectures • 2hr 8min
Warm Up • 23:52
Breathing Exercises I • 25:05
Breathing Exercises II • 14:30
Resonator Location • 22:37
Identify the Resonator Being Used • 03:12
Diction • 14:46
Projection • 13:01
Human or Something Else • 10:47
Exploring Our Voice
11 lectures • 2hr 41min
Exploring Your Voice • 00:49
Limits • 07:10
Physical Exploration Pt. 1 • 22:33
Physical Exploration Pt. 2 • 10:37
Voice Exploration • 28:17
Match the Voice With the Corporal Expression • 14:12
Tone of Voice • 17:45
Emotional Exploration • 31:42
Match the Emotion With the Voice • 05:50
Archetypes • 20:34
Final Activity • 01:53
9 lectures • 1hr 22min
Introduction to Interpretation • 01:21
The Text Pt. 1 • 04:19
The Text Pt. 2 • 07:42
Understanding the Lines • 07:11
The Subtext • 17:38
Punctuation • 03:44
Interpretation • 04:32
Character Creation • 19:34
Storytelling • 15:50
Post Course
2 lectures • 4min
Final Project and Goodbye • 03:47
Last Words • 00:32

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