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FL Studio

FL Studio

Everything you need to know about creating, mixing, and manipulating audio in one course!
19.5 hours of video learning material
Certificate of completion
What you'll learn:
How to use FL Studio and its elements
The principles of audio editing in FL Studio
The principles of sampling and manipulating audio
The principles of mixing in FL Studio
Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn to create music - no experience needed!
Musicians who want to learn new styles
Musicians who want to learn the basics of a new DAW

What our customers say about this course

Todd H.
This is a great teacher. The lesson is very detailed and informative.
Md. Nasiful H.
awesome experience!
Ive been enjoying it. I suck at keeping focus, but I love this dudes voice. Helps that he is very clear speaking.
Adeleye A.
This course has made me improve on FL Studio so quickly
Steve S.
Great start to the course. Assumes you know nothing about FL Studio, which is good. Looking forward to the rest of the course.
Tha narration voice is great and instructor knows the subject really well!!!
Leonardo A.
So far the course has surpassed my expectations. The content is very easy to understand and follow, I really like how each lesson is set up. it is really teaching me what I wanted to learn.
Jesse O.
so detailed even a 4 year old would grasp.
Thomas W M.
I believe it will make me a better music producer

Curriculum for FL Studio

19.5 hours of valuable material

6 sections • 38 lectures • 19h 14m total length
Program Basics
13 lectures • 2hr 57min
Basics of FL Studio History • 02:18
Demo Song • 02:22
Top Left Menus • 20:09
Browser • 13:03
Playlist Window • 20:46
Channel Rack • 10:55
Wrapper Window • 12:52
Piano Roll • 10:20
Mixer Window • 10:05
Creating Drum Patterns • 14:11
Using a Plugin to Create Sound • 14:30
Automation • 15:53
Mixer • 29:14
4 lectures • 1hr 30min
Harmor • 21:43
Sytrus • 29:42
Patcher • 18:16
Fruity Convolver + Honourable Mentions • 20:08
Manipulating and Recording Audio
3 lectures • 42min
Recording Audio • 11:46
Audio Manipulation • 11:38
Creating Interesting Loops • 18:39
Starting a Project from Scratch
12 lectures • 11hr 48min
Project from Scratch Pt. 1 • 32:20
Project from Scratch Pt. 2 • 45:05
Project from Scratch Pt. 3 • 56:26
Project from Scratch Pt. 4 • 56:59
Project from Scratch Pt. 5 • 01:01:04
Project from Scratch Pt. 6 • 01:12:31
Project from Scratch Pt. 7 • 01:10:16
Project from Scratch Pt. 8 • 01:06:49
Project from Scratch Pt. 9 • 01:07:20
Project from Scratch Pt. 10 • 56:58
Project from Scratch Pt. 11 • 01:06:26
Project from Scratch Pt. 12 • 55:57
2 lectures • 29min
Equalization • 17:08
Modulation • 11:24
In-depth Project Mixing
4 lectures • 1hr 50min
In-depth Mixing A • 49:51
In-depth Mixing B • 48:31
Rendering and Saving Project for Sending • 10:44
Last Words • 00:30

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