How to do Grouping in Figma

Updated on: December 15, 2022

Using groups will feel familiar to you if you have worked before with other software. This tutorial will explore the functions of grouping and How to Do Grouping in Figma, so stay tuned.

Groups of…

Two essential elements come to mind when using Figma: Frames and Groups. Both have a similar function which is containing objects. Although we will focus on groups for this one, if you want to know more about Frames, we suggest checking How to do Framing in Figma

Express Grouping goes like

To group in Figma, select the objects you want to group. This can be done by selecting each object at the left sidebar, or clicking and dragging the mouse over the objects. Then click the Group button in the top toolbar. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+G to group objects or right-click the group of objects selected.

How to do Grouping in Figma1

Once you have the group selected, we suggest renaming that group so you can later recognize what it is. To do this, simply go to the group formed at the left sidebar where all the objects are, and click over and change it.

How to do Grouping in Figma2

From this, you can group objects in a bigger group or nest groups if necessary. To create a group of groups, simply drag the mouse over the groups you want to group and use the shortcut Ctrl+G.

How to do Grouping in Figma3

Here we grouped the entire topbar, including all icons grouped separately, and renamed it at the left sidebar to be organized.

TIP: The best way is to follow the groups separately and then, if necessary, create bigger groups 

TIP2: Try to group objects within a reasonable distance from each other inside the frame. This will create an extensive selection square all over the frame and lead to clarity when selecting groups later.   

How to do Grouping in Figma4

These are the fundamental consideration when grouping in Figma. All to make your workflow easier.

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