How to Use Templates in Figma: The Navigation Bar

Updated on: October 21, 2022

The Navigation bar is one of those features you constantly interact with but don’t acknowledge the importance of it… until now. In this tutorial, we will explain what this feature includes in templates from Figma.

What is The Navigation Bar 

The Navigation Bar is just a section of the graphic interface that provides help to users in accessing whatever info they need. As simple as that but crucial for any design, regardless of your role. If you are a developer, you should know how to program the Navigation bar. If you are the designer, then you must know that adding this feature is not negotiable for the prototyping phase. So let’s get into the template.

What’s up With the Template?

Templates are god’s creation, and it’s cool to use them. They provide all the features you need without needing to create them. For example, the Navigation Bar part of the template must contain elements such as the Search bar, the Top Navigation, and its different visual options.  

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You can choose depending on your project’s design and what fits best. The Navigation Bar in the Template will give you several options. The Top Navigation could go from the most straightforward version usually used for the interface, or it can look similar to a window popping out. It will also provide the complete design with the Search Bar and, of course, never forget the classic dark-mode option.

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Now that you know what the Navigation Bar in the Template contains, it’s time to play and experiment with creating an interface. Figma is waiting for you to have fun. Stay tuned!

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