How To Build A Standard Room in Blender

Updated on: November 13, 2022

Recreating a kitchen or a living room, which are common spaces people are used to, in 3D modeling is seemly easier than making a whole park with trees, rocks, etc. But this is not completely true. In fact, you need to be more detailed in building an indoor space as measurements become truly significant, but let’s begin with the basics: building a standard room in Blender.

First of all, you need a base object that will help you to have the overall proportion of your space, such as a door. Next, create a Mesh Object using Shift + A and select a Cube (you can also use the default cube). Finally, scale it to lengthen it and make it thinner.

Tip: Use the SnapToggle (magnet icon you have on top in your Blender’s scene) to be more accurate in your model.

After creating the shape of your door, move the entry just above the Pivot Point. Afterward, begin your wall. You can do it with a cube or the “Plane” option of the Add Menu. Then go to the Frontal Orthographic View by pressing one (1), press Ctrl + R to activate the Loop Cut Tool, and in the little menu you have down at the left corner of your screen, change the value of the cut as two (2), or also you can scroll up the mouse wheel once to increase the number of cuts.

Image 36.1
Image 36.2

Repeat that process across the door’s top, and then delete the shape you created and the faces that compose it to make a hollow with the door's proportions on your wall.

Image 36.3

You can also do this for building windows or simple and flat walls. For the floor, you can use a plane. Then scale it until it fits with your walls and duplicate it to build a room as large as you consider.

Image 36.4
Image 36.5

And there you have it! You have made your first room!

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