How To Use The Loop Cut Tool in Blender

Updated on: November 11, 2022

Can loops only be made into a spherical or circular object? Well, think again! With the Loop Cut Tool, you can add as many as you want in every type of model you have, like squares, characters, or any complex 3D objects! Do you want to know how to use it? Let’s begin!

For example, if you want to divide horizontally a cube, or any model you have, you can add a Loop Cut. First, press Tab on your keyboard to go to Edit Mode, then Press Ctrl + R which is the Loop Cut Tool's shortcut. You will see a yellow preview line showing you where the loop will be.

Note: Depending on the edge you are closest, the loop will be horizontal or vertical. If you approach the left or right edge, you will cut the bend horizontally, but if you come to the top and bottom edges, you will slit the loop vertically. That also applies to the orientation of the axis you are near.

Image 32.1

Next, place the cursor where you want to create the Loop, then double-click to double-check. With the first click, you are basically telling the program that you've chosen the orientation of your Loop, but you need to make another click to confirm the final position. And finally, you can make a cut just in the middle of a face with a right click.

Image 32.2

Another helpful tip is scrolling the mouse wheel up to increase the number of loops cut. If you want to decrease it, scroll down.

Image 32.3

If you want to check it manually, you just need to go to the left-down corner on your board, click on the little pop-up that says, “Loop Cut and Slide,” and change the values as you think fit you better.

Image 32.4

Note: If you want to delete an entire Loop Cut, you just need to select the loop, press X to bring up the delete menu, and choose the last option, “Edge Loops.”

Finally, you can also find this tool on the side panel at the left of your board; but be careful, when you select it from the toolbar, you can no longer use the scroll nor the double click to confirm the cut you want to do; that means that if you click once, the cut has been done.

And that's it! Easy, right?

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