How to Add Quick Styles to Your Text in After Effects

Updated on: October 8, 2022

When choosing a typeface to write any text in After Effects, you should remember that not all of them include different styling options to modify how they look.  

To know if saved fonts on your computer have variables, open the Fonts list in After Effects and check the arrow next to the star icon. If there is, it means you can choose between different styles such as bold, italic, etc. If not, don't worry. Here's how you can add quick styles to your text in After Effects, even using fonts with limited options.

Font styles to use in After Effects when a typeface only has one version

When we talk about font styles, we are talking about the variations in which you can use a typeface in software such as After Effects. Usually, these versions refer to the width and position of the characters, such as the bold style, which thickens the letters, or the light style, which thins them.

As we said at the beginning of this article, not all typography includes styles. However, After Effects allows you to add some as follows:

  • Turn on the Text tool. You will find it next to the pen tool or by hitting Ctrl + T or Cmd + T.
44 1
  • Type whatever you want in the Composition Screen and select all the text.
  • Open the Character panel by clicking Ctrl + 6 or Cmd + 6 and go to the last compartment of this box.
44 2
  • Do you locate the different letters T that appear there? Those are the options to add styles to text written with original typefaces.

Types of Quick Styles in After Effects

  • The first T is to make your text bold. You will recognize it because it is the thickest of the options.
44 3
  • The second T is for adding italic style to your texts. This button is next to the Faux bold option, and you will recognize it thanks to its diagonal position.
44 4
  • The third option is an icon with two T's next to each other and of the same size. Use it to convert all the characters in your text into capital letters.
44 5
  • The fourth option is similar to the previous one. However, although its icon includes two T's, one is larger than the other. If you activate this button, you will capitalize the text, but its first letter will be much more dominant than the others.
44 6
  • The fifth and sixth options are similar. They allow you to place numbers next to your letters and place them either as exponents or logarithms. Again, look at the position of the icon's numbers to know where they will be if you activate any of these options.
44 7

Remember that these options apply to all fonts, including those that do not come with more default styles. Use these options to customize your texts even more. And, of course, don't forget to select them before activating any type so you can see the changes.

Andrea Mercado is a tech-focused journalist and copywriter with over 5 years of experience covering innovation, edtech, AI, and internet trends across media outlets. She is passionate about how technology can democratize access to education and is an avid learner when it comes to emerging tech like AI. Her articles and webinars help readers stay informed on the latest tech developments.
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