Free Unreal Engine Course for Beginners

Updated on: March 20, 2024

Start developing outstanding video games in no time with this 6 hours Free Unreal Engine Course for Beginners. Click here to go to the complete course. 

Who is this course for? 

Unreal Engine is a game development engine that has become one of the most valuable and functional programs for creating interactive experiences and immersive virtual worlds. This program offers various functionalities that will make any video game development process much more manageable. 

This course will be perfect for you if you are into video games and want to start developing your video game projects. Here you'll learn how to start working on Unreal Engine and handle most of its tools easily so you can bring all your interactive experiences and ideas to life. You'll also learn the most effective step-by-step instructions to develop incredible and complete results. 

You'll find this course helpful if you want to join the video game industry. Knowing how to use Unreal Engine is an ability that will allow you to understand the video game development process in a more direct and precise way. This course will teach you the best way to work with this program so you can become an expert in no time. 

What will you learn in this course?

You'll begin this course by learning about the Unreal Engine's interface and how to navigate through it. First, you'll see how the scene window works, how to move around the scene using your mouse and keyboard, and how to use the content browser tab to add new objects and templates. Then, you'll learn how to modify any element's location, rotation, and scale on the grid for a more precise result. Finally, you'll get to know the tools bar, some of the tabs you can find, and what they work for. 

After this, you'll see some of the most basic functions and concepts to work in Unreal Engine. For example, you'll learn what parent shape is, how to create components, and what blueprints classes are. Knowing these functions and what they work for will be essential for a fluent and successful workflow in Unreal Engine.

Then, you'll learn everything you need about materials and how to work with them in Unreal Engine. First, you'll see how to use blueprints to create new parent materials and how to label them and save them in folders to have them arranged in an orderly way. Secondly, you'll see how to apply these new materials to specific sections of an object and how to change the material's properties without affecting the original. Lastly, you'll learn how to develop action mappings to program the change of color of an element in a playable way so it can be part of your game.  

In addition, you'll learn how to create BSP brushes and how to use them to build your game. BSP brushes are building blocks that will allow you to carve and fill in volumes of space in your levels so you can start designing and constructing your levels and games.

After this, you'll start developing your first video game. In this part of the course, you'll see how to set up your level with multiple objects and elements to create playable scenarios, create variables and add actions to your characters and the elements surrounding them. During this process, you'll also learn some important concepts you'll need while working on Unreal Engine, such as inputs, outputs, casting, collision, and more. 

Finally, you'll learn some advanced information about blueprints so you can use them to add more interactive elements to your video game. For example, you'll see how to create various moving objects using timers and timelines, such as platforms and doors. You'll also learn about construction script, which is a function that will allow you to assign different variables and actions to any element or object in the scene within the editor itself.

What can you create with Unreal Engine? 

After this course, you'll be able to start developing video games from scratch. You'll know how to navigate and work through Unreal Engine's interface with ease, and you'll also know where to find most of its tools and functions in the interface. 

After this course, you'll know how to set up complete levels with interactive objects and elements using blueprints, timelines, BSP brushes, and other functions that Unreal Engine Offers. 

You'll know how to create characters that execute actions to complete specific tasks and activities in a playable scenario. 


Do I get certification with this course? 

You must do the Complete Unreal Engine Megacourse: Beginner to Expert to get the full certification. Click here to go to the complete course. 

Is Unreal Engine Free? 

Yes, Unreal Engine is a free, valuable, versatile tool anyone can use. 

How to download Unreal Engine? 

To install Unreal Engine, you must first install Epic Game Launcher on your computer, create an Epic Game account, and sign in. After this, go to the Unreal Engine tab, click on the install Unreal Engine button, and select where you want to download the program. Finally, click on the install button and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process, and that's it; you are ready to start developing outstanding video games in Unreal Engine.

Is Unreal Engine hard for beginners? 

Learning Unreal Engine can be easy. Even though it is a program with multiple functionalities and tools, once you understand how to handle the most basic ones, you'll be ready to start working on the program efficiently. In this Free Unreal Engine Course for Beginners, you'll find all the support and information you need to develop unique video games quickly. 

How long does it take to learn Unreal Engine? 

Becoming an expert on Unreal Engine takes time and much practice. However, with this Free Unreal Engine Course for Beginners, you'll need six hours to fully understand the most basic and crucial information to start developing video games like a pro using this program. 

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