Free Microsoft PowerPoint Course for Beginners

Updated on: March 20, 2024

Start creating professional presentations using PowerPoint with this Free Microsoft PowerPoint Course for Beginners. Click here to go to the complete course. 

Who is this course for? 

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most used and known presentation program in the world. This program is considered one of the most efficient and functional to develop a wide variety of slide shows for any situation and cause. With this tool, you'll be able to share all your ideas and information stunningly and creatively. 

If you are a student, you'll find Microsoft PowerPoint as one of the most effective and practical tools. This Free Microsoft PowerPoint Course for Beginners will provide you with all the information you need to start developing outstanding presentations using all the features that PowerPoint offers in the best way. 

This course will be helpful if you work in a professional business company. In addition, knowing how to use Microsoft PowerPoint is a skill that will always come in handy in your professional career. With this course, you'll learn how to work in PowerPoint, take advantage of all its tools, and upgrade your professional presentations. 

What will you learn in this course? 

You'll begin this course by learning the most basic information you need to start on Microsoft PowerPoint. For example, you'll know what PowerPoint is, how it works, its main parts, and how to download it. 

Then, you'll learn about the program's interface. You'll see how to navigate through it smoothly and neatly and where to find all the different placements, parts, panels, and sections. You'll also see all the tabs you can find on the home screen and all the tools it has, such as the insert button, the design button, the transition button, and others. 

After this, you'll learn how to choose and download templates so you can use them in your presentations. Then, you'll learn how to modify these templates' color, text, shapes, and other characteristics so they can perfectly suit your display and purpose. Templates are handy for designing attractive and pleasing presentations without spending too much time on them.

Next, you'll learn how to modify any shape's fill color, outline color, stroke, and other properties to create new objects. You'll also learn how to insert text, create curves, and attach arrows to shapes to add more detail to your presentation. In this part of the course, you'll also see how to organize, arrange, and place all your shapes and elements orderly. 

In addition, you'll learn how to work with text and handle its characteristics properly and efficiently. For example, you'll see how to change any text's font and size, manage the character spacing, and correct and align your paragraphs. You'll also learn how to use bullet points, lists, and numbers to place your information in a specific order, making it more understandable. 

You'll also learn to insert different media types into your presentation to be more dynamic and complete. For example, you'll see how to insert tables, add pictures and videos from your files or the browser, and use illustrations, SmartArt, charts, maps, and more. In addition, you'll learn how to add headers with important information such as time, date, and page numbers. 

Furthermore, there will be a part of the course where you'll see how to do some advanced content design. Here you'll see how to make your shapes and elements more attractive so they can explain your thoughts and ideas without using words. In this part of the course, you'll also learn how to use transitions and animations to add dynamism to your presentation, making it more interactive. 

Finally, you'll learn a little about advanced photo editing. Here you'll see how to manage the brightness, contrast, color saturation, tone, and hue to make your photos look as good as possible. You'll also see how to add details to your images by adding frames and effects. 

What can you create with PowerPoint? 

By the end of this course, you'll be able to work in Microsoft PowerPoint smoothly and effectively using most of the program's tools. In addition, you'll be able to take advantage of all the features in the program to create complete and outstanding presentations for any situation.  

After finishing this course, you'll be capable of developing professional slide show presentations with charts, tables, images, videos, shapes, and more. Also, you'll be able to capture any information and data to share in class, with coworkers, or with friends. 


Do I get certification with this course?

To get the complete certification, you must finish the Complete PowerPoint Megacourse: Beginner to Expert. Click here to go to the entire course.

Is PowerPoint free? 

PowerPoint is not a free program. You can purchase it in a bundle with other Microsoft programs. However, you can get a 1-month free trial to try PowerPoint and other Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, and others. 

How to download PowerPoint?

To download Microsoft PowerPoint, you must go to, create an account, and log in. Then you must click on the Microsoft 365 button and purchase the program or get the 1-month free trial. After this, you must click on the download button and choose the language and version of the program you want to get, and that's it. Finally, you are ready to use PowerPoint. 

Is PowerPoint hard for beginners? 

Microsoft PowerPoint is easy to learn. This program is well known for being one of the most comprehensive and intuitive software. This Free Microsoft PowerPoint Course for Beginners will guide you to understand how to manage PowerPoint's tools easily so you can start creating great presentations in no time. 

How long does it take to learn PowerPoint? 

Learning PowerPoint takes little time. With this Free Microsoft PowerPoint Course for Beginners, it will only take 4 hours to fully understand how the program works and how to use its tools correctly. After this, you'll be able to create unique presentations like a pro.

Constant learning means constant improvement. 

Boost your professional and personal career by learning how to master PowerPoint. Check out some original templates you can use in your presentations.

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