Patreon Statistics 2024: Insights into the Creator Economy

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Updated on: December 20, 2023
Patreon statistics

Patreon serves as a membership-based platform where artists and creators can receive financial support from their fans. This article presents Patreon statistics, covering earnings, global reach, top creators, and the platform's financial performance. 

How much does the average person make on Patreon?

The amount of money a creator can make on Patreon depends on factors such as the number of patrons, the type of content, and the pricing of their membership tiers.

  • Patreon creators typically earn between $315 and $1.575 monthly.
  • The 6 million patrons represent 14.61 million individual pledges of support.
  • Individual pledges of support have surged by an impressive 62.7% since June 2020.
  • Of every 100 visitors to creator pages, conversion rates typically range from 1% to 5%
  • While comprising only 7.66% of Patreon's creator base, podcast makers contribute to 14.80% of the total monthly payouts.
  • In 2022, Patreon creators generated over 40% of their income directly from the platform.

Which country uses Patreon the most?

  • In January 2023, the United States led in sending desktop traffic to, accounting for 27.91%.
  • Most Patreon visitors are from the USA, accounting for 28.87% of the total. 
  • The UK follows the US with the second-highest Patreon visitors (5.97%). 
  • Germany ranks third in the number of Patreon visitors at 4.65%, followed by Canada at 4.06% and France at 2.93%. The remaining countries collectively account for 53.51%. 
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  • In 2022, Patreon hosted creators from 180+ countries, with at least one creator from every nation. Furthermore, over 40% of creators and patrons were not based in the U.S. 
  • Patreon must adhere to economic sanctions and trade restrictions in all countries it operates in. These restrictions typically prohibit transactions involving 7 demographic areas: Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, as well as the Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) and Luhansk People's Republic (LNR).

Who is the highest-paid Patreon?

In September 2023, the podcast "the yard" reached $211,675 monthly, making it the highest-earning Patreon creator.

Patreon’s Revenue

While exact revenue figures remain undisclosed, industry sources estimate Patreon's annual revenue to fall between $100 million and $500 million. This estimate is based on various factors, including the substantial number of patrons and creators on the platform.

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Patreon generates its revenue through a combination of creator fees and payment processing charges. 

  • Patreon earns through creator fees: Lite (5%), Pro (8%), Premium (12%).
  • Additional income from payment processing fees, averaging around 8%.

Patreon's journey has also attracted significant investment, with a total funding of $412.1 million from various investors. In April 2021, Patreon achieved a post-money valuation of $4 billion following a successful Series F funding round led by Tiger Global Management. 

Top Patreon earners: 

Graphtreon's September 2023 report shows these are the top 50 highest-earning Patreon creators from the last 6 months.

#CreatorEarnings per month (growth in the last 6 months)Patrons (growth in the last six months)
1the yard (Creating a podcast)$211,675 (+$18,813)31,933 (+2,948)
2Chapo Trap House (Creating Chapo Trap House Podcast)$180,404 (-$1,040)42,753 (+186)
3The Adam Friedland Show (Creating The Adam Friedland Show)$107,681 (+$7,154)23,473 (+1,816)
4TrueAnon Podcast (The ONLY Anti-Pedophile Podcast fighting the Sicko Elite)$102,458 (-$16,177)25,074 (-3,650)
5Cold Ones (Creating Drunk Content)$97,773 (+$1,399)24,148 (+822)
6Adeptus Steve (Creating Wild Life - An Adult RPG)$96,238 (-$12,322)10,343 (-1,005)
7Are You Garbage? (Creating podcasts and videos)$94,462 (+$19,986)10,848 (+2,305)
8Qanon Anonymous (Creating The Qanon Anonymous Podcast)$88,301 (-$140)20,081 (+152)
9Fear& (a podcast hosted by Hasan, Will, QT & Austin)$88,268 (+$34,398)19,065 (+6,923)
10Last Podcast On The Left (Creating Podcasts)$85,644 (+$4,351)13,579 (+261)
11Flagrant (Creating Podcast, Video, and more)$77,288 (-$9,232)16,468 (-1,807)
12Heat (Creating an intimate anthro video game, in VR & 2D)$75,556 (+$6,021)8,887 (+964)
13The Kyiv Independent (Independent English-language journalism in Ukraine.)$74,433 (-$12,427)8,586 (-1,255)
14TimeGhost (Creating Online Historical Documentaries)$63,103 (+$8,179)10,250 (+1,263)
15CALLMEARJ (Creating Original Fan Mangas!)$60,940 (+$4,151)27,586 (+6,253)
16DarkCookie (Creating Summertime Saga)$60,560 (-$612)10,001 (+1,837)
17RedHanded (Creating Podcasts)$59,154 (-$8,606)20,219 (-1,391)
18Cze and Peku (Creating maps for DnD, Pathfinder and other RPGs)$58,313 (+$15,006)13,308 (+10,791)
19Red Scare (Creating podcasts)$55,965 (+$4,305)12,121 (+1,024)
205-4 (A podcast about how much the Supreme Court sucks)$47,541 (+$8,459)7,112 (+2,046)
21Wine About It (A drunk podcast with QTCinderella and Maya Higa.)$45,634 (+$27,047)42,165 (+4,406)
22Ilja Jusupov aka x4fab (Creating mods for Assetto Corsa racing simulator)$45,465 (+$6,224)8,454 (+6,447)
23Trashfuture (Creating a tech pessimist podcast)$45,394 (+$3,797)2,045 (+727)
24Сергій Притула (creating videos)$43,615 (-$24,882)4,295 (-826)
25Home Free (Creating music videos)$41,572 (-$2,101)7,233 (-51)
26The Flagrant Ones (Creating good podcasts)$41,194 (+$3,546)5,095 (+1,374)
27Zogarth (Creating Web Novels - The Primal Hunter)$41,006 (+$2,024)5,794 (+252)
28Shibby Says (Creating Deliciously Wicked ASMR Audios)$37,479 (+$2,799)7,824 (+483)
29Trash Taste (Creating podcasts and videos)$37,471 (-$2,222)3,545 (-238)
30OfflineTV (making memories w/ friends)$36,699 (+$4,274)7,150 (+902)
31SuccuDev (Virtual Succubus)$36,207 (+$7,589)13,936 (+30)
32Alex Massé (Creating Paralives, a life simulation game)$33,782 (-$2,457)8,196 (+5,949)
33yuzu Team (Creating a Nintendo Switch emulator)$32,871 (+$15,714)2,918 (+3,886)
34Lucid (Creating gay shit)$32,478 (-$1,390)3,864 (-181)
35Stephanie Jarvis (Creating videos and restoring a 16th century French chateau!)$32,447 (-$2,308)2,821 (-200)
36Whiskey Tribe (Creating a More Magnificent Whisk(e)y Culture)$32,433 (-$1,385)6,557 (-27)
37Fenoxo Fenfen (Creating Adult INTERACTIVE FICTION - 18+)$32,164 (-$767)5,117 (-108)
38The Griffon's Saddlebag (Over a thousand magic items, settings, and player options for 5e)$31,202 (+$169)2,170 (-98)
39Mammoth Club (creating an independent, community driven content club.)$30,614 (+$988)14,125 (-27)
40Forgotten Adventures (Creating Digital Assets and resources for Tabletop RPGs.)$29,609 (+$2,156)6,051 (+2,658)
41Savin (Creating Corruption of Champions II)$29,570 (-$1,931)4,100 (-371)
42Friends at the Table (Creating Actual Play Podcasts)$29,077 (+$2,496)6,725 (+122)
43Forehead Fables Podcast (Creating audible aids)$28,900 (-$2,141)6,859 (-387)
44The Boys (Creating The Official Podcast)$28,872 (+$1,704)6,864 (+460)
45Office Hours Live with Tim Heidecker (Creating a podcast and more!)$28,076 (+$2,587)11,404 (+677)
46WAR MODE (Creating 69 ball sack)$28,041 (+$8,869)5,005 (+2,380)
47lemonparty (Creating a podcast with ben avery, devan costa and jace avery)$27,924 (+$8,039)9,267 (+1,306)
48Mastodon (Creating Mastodon)$27,875 (-$5,526)4,686 (-475)
49Viva La Dirt League (Creating Gaming Comedy Sketches)$27,639 (+$765)5,753 (+173)
50Know Your Enemy (Creating a podcast about the American right)$27,394 (+$3,827)4,579 (+83


Patreon empowers creators to pursue their creative passions while fostering strong connections with their audience, solidifying its role in the expanding creator economy.

The platform's potential to substantially support artists is evident, with creators typically earning between $315 and $1,575 monthly. Also, Patreon's global reach highlights its accessibility, uniting individuals worldwide.

As Patreon continues to grow and adapt, it will likely remain a vital hub for creators, enabling them to thrive while pursuing their passions.


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