Is InboxDollars Legit? An Honest InboxDollars Review (2024)

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Updated on: June 4, 2024

Whenever a platform offers an easy way of earning some extra cash, it is normal to question yourself, is inbox dollars legit? That’s the case with InboxDollars, but don’t worry, in this honest InboxDollars review for 2024, we'll dive deep into what InboxDollars is all about and whether it's a legitimate way to earn some money online.

InboxDollars is a rewards platform that pays users for completing various online activities, such as taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, and reading emails. With over 20 years in the business, InboxDollars has become a well-known name in the world of online rewards.

But is InboxDollars legit? Throughout this InboxDollars review, we'll explore the different ways you can earn money on the site, how much you can realistically expect to make, and the pros and cons of using InboxDollars. 

By the end, you'll have a clear understanding of whether InboxDollars is right for you and if it's a legit way to boost your income in your spare time.

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is an online rewards and survey site that pays members real cash for completing various tasks. As a legitimate rewards site, InboxDollars offers multiple ways to earn money online, such as taking online surveys, watching videos, playing games, and shopping online.

Founded in 2000, InboxDollars has become a well-known name in the online rewards space. The company connects brands with consumers, allowing members to influence products and services while earning cash. 

Thousands of users have been paid through InboxDollars through the year, proving itself as a legitimate rewards site. The platform is user-friendly and offers a variety of earning opportunities. 

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Is InboxDollars Legit?

The short answer is yes, InboxDollars is a legitimate way to earn money online. With over 20 years in business, InboxDollars has paid out more than $80 million to its members. This long history and payout record are strong evidence of InboxDollars' legitimacy.

User reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and the Google Play Store further confirm that InboxDollars is a legit way to earn extra cash. They have overall good ratings, which means that users have been mostly satisfied with what the site promises.

In Trustpilot they are a verified company, they have over 42K reviews and they have 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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In Google Play Store they have over 150K reviews and an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars, with more than 5 million downloads.

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So, is Inbox Dollars legit? Absolutely. InboxDollars is a legitimate rewards site that has stood the test of time. 

How Does InboxDollars Work?

So, how does InboxDollars work? It's actually pretty simple. When you sign up for InboxDollars, which is completely free by the way, you gain access to a variety of ways to earn money online.

  • One of the most popular methods is taking surveys. InboxDollars partners with brands that want consumer opinions, and you get paid for sharing yours. Online surveys can range from a few cents to a few dollars each.
  • You can also watch sponsored videos. Advertisers pay InboxDollars to show their video content to users. Then InboxDollars shares a portion of that advertising revenue with members who watch the videos. The cash you earn is not much, but it can be worth it if the only thing you have to do is watch a short video.
  • One fun alternative they offer as part of their paid activities is playing online games. The process is very similar to the other activities: an advertiser pays InboxDollars to show the game to its users, so that’s where the money comes from. It can be very engaging to earn money by playing games.
  • Finally, you can get cash back for shopping at online retailers. When you click through to a store from InboxDollars and make a purchase, the retailer pays InboxDollars a commission for referring you. InboxDollars then shares a portion of that commission with you as cash back

The process is straightforward: you complete an activity, like a survey or watching a video, and InboxDollars rewards you with cash that accumulates in your account. Once you reach the minimum threshold, which is typically around $30, you can request a payout via check, gift card, or PayPal.

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How Much Can You Make with InboxDollars?

So, how much can you make on InboxDollars? The amount you earn depends on factors like your demographics, the surveys available, and how much time you're willing to put in.

On average, most InboxDollars surveys pay between $0.50 to $5.00 and take 3 to 25 minutes to complete. So, if you manage to qualify for a few surveys each day, you could potentially earn a few dollars per hour. However, it's important to note that you won't always qualify for every survey, which can impact your earnings.

In terms of overall earnings, most InboxDollars users report making around $10 to $50 per month, depending on their activity level. While this may not seem like a lot of money, it can add up over time, especially if you consistently use the site.

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Does InboxDollars Pay Real Money?

Yes, InboxDollars pays real money, not just points or gift cards. When you complete surveys, watch videos, or perform other tasks on InboxDollars, you earn cash that accumulates in your account. This is how it works:

  • Once you reach the minimum payout threshold, which is $30, you can request your earnings via several methods. InboxDollars pays real money through PayPal, gift cards, or a check mailed to your address, but if you don’t meet the threshold, they will not pay you any money.
  • Payment requests will be processed between 10 and 16 business days after request. After requesting payment, you can view your scheduled payment processing date by clicking the “My Profile” link under the “My Account” tab. 
  • It's important to note that if you choose to receive a check, there is a $3 processing fee. However, PayPal and gift card payouts are typically free of charge.

If you have any more doubts left, you can check their Payment Terms and find all the specific information you need.

InboxDollars Pros and Cons

When talking about making money online, we have to be realistic and consider all the angles. Here are the pros and cons of InboxDollars. 


  • InboxDollars offers a wide variety of ways to make money. From taking surveys and watching videos to playing games and shopping online, there's something for everyone. This diversity keeps things interesting and allows you to choose activities that suit your interests and skills.
  • Another advantage is the $5 sign-up bonus, which gives you a nice head start on your earnings. It's like getting paid just for creating an account!


  • The relatively low pay rates for many activities. While you can certainly earn money with InboxDollars, don't expect to get rich quick. 
  • Another potential issue is limited survey qualifications. You may spend time answering screening questions only to find out you don't qualify for the survey, which can be frustrating.
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Tips to Maximize Your InboxDollars Earnings

If you're looking to maximize your InboxDollars earnings, there are several strategies you can employ to boost your cash rewards. 

Complete profile surveys

One of the easiest ways to increase your earnings is by completing your profile surveys. These surveys help InboxDollars match you with more relevant opportunities, increasing your chances of qualifying for higher-paying surveys and offers.

Refer friends

Another great way to earn more with InboxDollars is by referring friends. When your friends sign up using your unique referral link, you'll earn a bonus for each referral. Plus, you'll also earn a percentage of their earnings, creating a passive income stream. 

Use InboxDollars’ Search Engine

Don't forget to take advantage of the InboxDollars search engine. By using it for your everyday searches, you can earn progress towards scratch cards, which can lead to cash prizes. Set the InboxDollars search engine as your default to ensure you never miss out on these rewards.

Keep up with the tasks they offer

Make sure to check the InboxDollars site regularly for new opportunities. Offers and surveys are constantly being added, so the more often you visit, the more chances you have to earn. 

InboxDollars Alternatives

If you're looking for InboxDollars alternatives, there are several other legitimate survey and rewards sites worth exploring.

InboxDollars VS KashKick

One notable option is KashKick, a platform that pays users for completing surveys and playing games. KashKick has a very similar model to InboxDollars, offering money for completed tasks. Inboxdollars has been around for more time than KashKick, and also offers more types of tasks and payment methods. On the other hand, the KashKick threshold is lower, as you can receive your money after gaining $10 dollars. 

InboxDollars VS Solitaire Cash

Another interesting alternative to InboxDollars is Solitaire Cash, a gaming app that allows you to play solitaire for real money. Both allow you to earn some extra cash online. InboxDollars has many ways of doing so with different types of tasks, while Solitaire Cash is the classic card game with the opportunity to win money in competitive tournaments. If you enjoy the solitaire game, then that app could be a good fit for you, but if you are looking for other options to make money online, consider InboxDollars. 

InboxDollars VS Flash Rewards

Flash Rewards is another platform that offers money online. While both platforms allow users to earn rewards by completing various online activities, Flash Rewards focuses more on deals that require signing up for subscriptions, free trials, or making purchases. InboxDollars, on the other hand, primarily offers surveys, watching videos, playing games, and cashback shopping.

InboxDollars VS Freecash

There is another alternative in Freecash. They work similarly, but have some main differences. Freecash seems to offer higher payouts for certain tasks compared to InboxDollars, especially for playing games like Mafia City. However, the higher payouts on Freecash often require more time investment to reach. Both of them are proven to be legit, but InboxDollars has more time on the market and a more extensive record of success.  

InboxDollars Review: Conclusion

In conclusion, after thoroughly reviewing InboxDollars, it's clear that this platform is a legitimate way to earn extra money online. With a variety of earning opportunities, including surveys, videos, games, and cash-back shopping, InboxDollars offers something for everyone.

While you won't get rich using InboxDollars, it can be a fun and easy way to earn a little extra cash in your spare time. The platform's longevity, user-friendly interface, and positive user reviews are all testaments to its legitimacy and reliability.

Just remember to approach InboxDollars with realistic expectations and use it as a supplementary income source rather than a full-time job. Happy earning!

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