How To Use an Empty Object in Blender

Updated on: November 25, 2022

Have you ever heard that Blender could make Empty Objects? Well, perhaps it sounds a little crazy and odd. And no, this is not about a hollow figure. Instead, this is a more philosophical concern: it is an object that exists, but you can’t modify it. Maybe you are wondering how to use an empty object if you can’t edit it or transform it. Well, let’s see!

In Blender, an Empty Object is what it sounds like: an object without mesh information that won’t appear in final renders. The method you will create is similar to how you create a standard Mesh figure. So, press Shift + A to bring up the Add Menu, but this time search the Empty option and, finally, select the Plain Axes option.

Image 46.1

Afterward, you will see three lines perfectly aligned to the center of the world, and you will also notice that you can’t go to the Edit Mode or any of the different modes because it doesn’t have edges, vertices, or faces.

Well, the truth is that an Empty Object is also a visual placeholder to save a specific location in a 3D space in a way that you can reference again when you are using a modifier.

So imagine, for example, that you are using the Array Modifier and need to locate a duplicate in a specific distance that you can’t calculate; with the Empty Object, you will be able to save that coordinate and the values of the distance you need to the next repetition.

Note: When you use a modifier and an Empty Object, you need to be careful with the pivot point because depending on where it is, the Empty Object and the operation you are performing will behave.

Finally, all the Empty Object types serve the same purpose. The only thing that changes is how you want to use them, so go ahead and explore the other options!

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