How To Set An Orthographic Reference Image in Blender

Updated on: November 28, 2022

Images can be handy when editing and adding new models to your Blender scene. Once you’ve imported an illustration into your 3D environment, you can set it and personalize it the way you think fits better! Do you want to know how? Keep reading!

You can change the properties of either of the two image types (Reference and Background) by clicking on the specific image you need, going to the Properties Panel editor at the right-hand of your screen board, and searching the Object Data Properties option.

Note: For images, that function will appear as an Image icon.

Image 50.1

Once there, you can see a few options related to the size and location, but let’s focus first on the Depth Setting, which refers to how you want the image rendered and visualized in relation to the mesh object in your scene.

Image 50.2

If you set Depth to default and put the picture behind any object or model you have, you will see the illustration behind it, and vice versa if you put it in front. However, if you change the Depth to Front, even if the image is behind the model, Blender will always render it in front of it; and likewise, if you set it to Back, it is always rendered behind the mesh.

Image 50.3

As well as Depth, the Side Setting indicates if both sides can be visible or just that one you select. And the Show In setting refers to whether or not you can see the image in Perspective, Orthographic modes, or only axis aligned.

Note: You can choose all the options if you want to, or simply select one or a couple of them, but remember that the picture disappears from the other modes that aren’t fixed.

And the last option you can change is the Opacity, which will be set in fully opaque by default. So, you only must click on the option to enable the tool and hover over the number of Opacity to make it more transparent.

You can customize the setting of your image in whatever way works for you! Good Luck!

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