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→ and its extensive database of GIMP tutorials will be integrated into the Skillademia platform., a global e-learning platform, announces the acquisition of, a popular open-source image editor.

Skillademia plans to leverage its e-learning expertise to promote's resources and content. In addition, the company believes that's features make it an attractive option for users looking to improve their editing skills.

In addition, will have access to visitors, which could help them expand their reach and impact people's education.

What you can find on

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What was Gimpshop before?

Gimpshop was an open-source image editing software designed to be a free alternative to the giant Adobe Photoshop. It was created by Scott Moschella, was customizable, and was available on multiple platforms. It could be downloaded directly from

Development of GIMPshop effectively ceased by 2007, with the final version being based on GIMP version 2.2.11. Some users extended the lifespan of GIMPshop by manually updating GIMPshop's libraries themselves.

GIMPshop listed various features of GIMP and shared its customizability and availability at various platforms, but had a user-friendly interface modeled on that of Photoshop. 

Therefore, many tutorials for previous versions of Photoshop could be followed in GIMPshop with minimal modification. 

All of GIMP's plugins were available in GIMPshop.

What does this mean for and

Both domains will operate as a single website under the umbrella. This will allow Skillademia to expand its offering to include Gimpshop image editing software and tutorials.

What does this mean for visitors?

They will have access to the image editing software and tutorials on the This will provide students a more complete learning experience and expand the range of job-ready skills they can develop.

Why has acquired software and tutorials align perfectly with Skillademia's focus on providing affordable, high-quality online learning resources.

Gimpshop is an image editing software that is open-source and free to use. Therefore, it is affordable and accessible to people from various economic backgrounds. The tutorials offered by Gimpshop are designed to teach users how to use the software effectively, making it an excellent fit for Skillademia's online learning resources.

Furthermore, the acquisition of and its tutorials will allow Skillademia to expand its impact by gaining access to new geographies.

What will be merged?

Users will find the video tutorial library on the platform. This will provide more resources to users interested in learning or deepening their image editing and design skills.
→ GIMP tutorials

Still looking for Gimpshop?

You can download GNU Image Manipulation Program down below. 
Download Now →
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