Skillademia Acquires

We're excited to announce that Skillademia has acquired in 2023. Both sites provide educational content for job-ready skills acquisition.

Skillademia offers thousands of lessons on skills like design, video editing, programming, and more. Our courses are designed to help learners develop new skills or improve existing ones, making them more competitive in today's job market. published articles on K-12 video production. It featured technical articles by industry professionals, product reviews, student projects, event coverage, and industry/academic news related to TV/Video production.

We welcome the community and look forward to continuing to support you in achieving your e-learning goals.

With the acquisition of, as Skillademia, we can now offer our learners even more resources and expertise.

Plus, we invite you to visit our blog to learn about the latest trends in the creative industries and get tips to keep you motivated.

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Online Courses
Over 56 and 4,242 lessons you can access with one membership.

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Free Mini Courses
Over 19 free online mini courses which varies from video editing to graphic design.
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Take a look at statistics and facts that can help you to make next move.

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Learning Hub
Learning hub where you can find latest tutorials on various topics.

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Excel Tutorials
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Blender Tutorials
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After Effects Tutorials
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Figma Tutorials
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Featured Courses

Unity 2D and C# Game
64 lectures • 22h 31m total length
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Java Programming Course
85 lectures • 53h 12m total length
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232 lectures • 129h 27m total length
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Adobe Photoshop
55 lectures • 30h 20m total length
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121 lectures • 34h 9m total length
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FL Studio
38 lectures • 19h 14m total length
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Microsoft Excel
96 lectures • 14h 25m total length
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Adobe After Effects
108 lectures • 43h 4m total length
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103 lectures • 44h 4m total length
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