Reviews of Skillademia Courses

Robert D.
Took the Blender Course
Very in-debt beginner training. You'll be ready to model probably any object are environment after finishing the course. Thank you.
William S.
Took the Adobe Animate Course
Very great tutorial for super beginner to learn the tool and basic properties. Thank you so much.
James D.
Took the Unreal Engine 5 Course
Easy and understandable. Helps me learn how to create a reasonably possible game to get started.
Abel A.
Took the Figma Course
The course is well detailed and easy to understand even as a beginner new to the UI/UX design world. The fact that it's very interactive and practical base makes one feel a sense of accomplishment that i can actually succeed doing this thing if put in the effort required of me.

I will recommend this course for beginners over and over again.
Leonardo A.
Took the FL Studio Course
So far the course has surpassed my expectations. The content is very easy to understand and follow, I really like how each lesson is set up. it is really teaching me what I wanted to learn.

Steve S.
Took the FL Studio Course
Great start to the course. Assumes you know nothing about FL Studio, which is good. Looking forward to the rest of the course.

Andrew K.
Took the Blender Course
This course is absolutely fantastic, She goes at a perfect pacing, covers all of the absolute basics even the very notion of moving an object in 3D space to much more advanced things like best practice for preserving your geometry, super thorough and highly enjoyable!!!
Renz Joana M.
Took the Figma Course
Learned a lot from this course! Although I have background knowledge of UI and UX, there are some lessons that the instructor tells along the way which are helpful like tips, her personal experiences, and more. Highly recommended!
Ivan W.
Took the  Unreal Engine 5 Course
Teachers touched on a lot of the information about workflow, planning, and creativity which are something very hard to find in the pure online tutorial video. Great course.
José Gotardo de Paula Freire F.
Took the Filmora Course
Excellent teacher. Content very well explained.
Marcy S.
Took the Adobe After Effects Course
I love that the course begins with definitions of keywords and a basic explanation of the layout. It is perfect for beginners.

Robert V.
Took the Adobe After Effects Course
One of the best courses I have done so far. To the detail, well explained and covers a lot.

Ricardo R.
Took the Blender Course
I was really skeptical at first, but now I'm three days into the course and my Blender skills have improved drastically. Because blender is open source and it has thousands of features, the learning curve is pretty steep, but do not feel intimidated because you are in the good hands of someone who will show you the way in a manner that is engaging, simple and dare I say Fun!
Adesanya G.
Took the Adobe Premiere Pro Course
The tutor is highly knowledgeable and he teaches at a comfortable speed. It is clear that he intends to make every student understand Premiere Pro. I am glad I bought this course.
Selhadin A.
Took the Adobe XD Course
It's really amazing and compulsary course which covers all the important topics and details needed to be a UIUX designer

Muhammad U.
Took the Rhino Course
I love that the course begins with definitions of keywords and a basic explanation of the layout. It is perfect for beginners.

Beniamin M.
Took the Cubase Course
It is a great starting course for Cubase Elements. I recommend it!

Eleazar Guifarro C.
Took the Microsoft Powerpoint Course
It's amazing how I've used powerpoint for years and still don't know so many things. I have learned many tools that will help me, I was not new to this and even so I was able to get a lot out of it.
Ebuka Okwuchukwu E.
Took the Microsoft Excel Course
Yeah it was good, the tutor has been so patient with the information passed, very clear and straight to the point
A P.
Took the Voice Acting Course
Excellent course. A lot of experience and insight has been packed in the presentations in a very simple, non-complicated style. Thank you.
Rohan M.
Took the Adobe Photoshop Course
It was great learning Photoshop till now. I have learnt more than basic tools from these previous lessons. More to to ! :)
Roxx C.
Took the Adobe Lightroom Course
I like the course because it goes step by step, it really is excellent to know everything about a software to be able to master it very well, I know that with this course I will be able to achieve good results, I like how the teacher explains.

Yudha P.
Took the Canva Course
I found the instructor of this course is amazing at explain a thing after a thing. Clear and soft. The content of the structure is also great, not only teaching about "hey let's create this" without explain a thing, but the instructor really explain from research before starting a project. Very nice.
Jeremy K.
Took the Song Writing Course
This isn’t just a songwriting course! It’s material helps you get to know who you are yourself! It helps you embody your artistic self.
Aria P.
Took the Unity Course
Comprehensive explanations at the same time very light and understandable

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