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Made for Beginners: Practical Web Academy

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👉 Done-for-you PDF website career guide
👉 164hrs of professional software training
👉 In-depth Upwork Freelancing guide
👉 99+ plug & play work templates
👉 Full individual certification
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Build Great Websites,
And Earn Income. Easily.

Plug & Play Templates
Full Software Training
Step-by-step Guidance
Community Support
Get Paying Clients Fast
Individual Certification

What is Practical Web Academy?

Practical Web Academy is a counterintuitive approach to making a living out of making websites that allows you to start getting paying clients without having to attend expensive universities.

It's made for complete beginners. Even if you've never tried anything like it before.

We achieve this by giving you an exact framework to follow (step-by-step). Then we give you  access to over 164 hours of professional software training. Then, you get an industry-proven process on how to get clients easily. 💰

Instead of you wasting time on countless YouTube tutorials, we give you an exact step-by-step guide + all the resources.

As a result, this free's you up to work wherever, whenever. On your own terms. By providing actual real value to businesses.
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Anyone Can Make A Great Website With This Step-By-Step Guide

Make professional websites the right way with this 39-page PDF guidebook.

Charge Clients Online Easily –– Even If You Suck At Sales.

Learn to find and charge clients easily, from the comfort of your home.

Get Professional Software Certification (Beginner to Expert)

Go from a beginner to expert in professional design software.

Receive First-Hand Community Feedback

Get help in case you get stuck inside the private community and weekly calls.

Save Time: 99+ Plug & Play Template Pack

Contracts, proposals, resumes, client emails. Plug and play, ready-made.

Get Clients: Full Step-by-Step Upwork Freelancing Course

Know how to price your services, how to deliver work, and how to win contracts.
After Practical Web Academy, You'll Understand:
The basics of UX research.
Included in lesson 1.2 from Figma Megacourse.
User interface principles.
Included in lesson 1.3 from Figma Megacourse.
Designing a wireframe easily.
Included in lesson 1.2 of Adobe XD Megacourse.
How to format a website correctly.
See lesson 4.5 from Adobe XD Megacourse.
How to work correctly with layers.
See lesson 1.3 from Adobe Photoshop Megacourse.
How to prototype panel.
See lesson 5.1 from Adobe XD Megacourse.
How to plan layouts, diagrams, compositions.
See lesson 3.4 from Figma Megacourse.
How to design a login screen.
See lesson 4.6 from Adobe XD Megacourse.
How to design a slide out menu.
See lesson 4.8 from Adobe XD Megacourse.
How to create a color pallete and work with colour.
See lesson 3.4 from Adobe XD Megacourse.
The basics of imaging and masking.
See lesson 3.7 from Figma Megacourse.
How to maintain the dimension of objects.
See lesson 4.8 from Adobe XD Megacourse.
Maintaining spacing, add text, drop shadow.
See lesson 4.8 from Adobe XD Megacourse.
Creating background blurs.
See lesson 4.7 from Adobe XD Megacourse.
And much more...
There's over 164 hours of practical material to get you to become a pro.

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4.7/5 based on 583 reviews

Provide Real Value To Businesses.

💰 Average price you can charge per website.
💻 The average hourly rate of a web designer.
📈 Yearly industry growth rate, from 2012 to 2022.
🔥 Online job offers available right now.

💰 A recession ready career path in tech.

The current economy isn't certain, however, web designers are the drivers of sales on the internet –– highly in demand.

🤫 Become a highly sought-after specialist.

Even in a shrinking economy, web specialists are actually hired even more –– to boost sales of online businesses.

🤝 Earn on your own terms, from anywhere.

The starting salary for a junior web designer is $20-50/hr.

A beginner's guide to earning money with websites.

Step 1
🪜 Step-by-step guide on what to learn and how to learn (and how to build)
📹 164 hours of professional software training with certification.
🎓 Plug-and-play systems built by experienced industry experts.
Step 2
💪 Templates and checklists to build websites faster, and quicker.
💼 Build out a portfolio to show to potential clients or employers
👊 Solidify valuable theory with actual real-world practice sessions.
Step 3
🤝 Exact tutorials on how to deal and negotiate with clients
💰 Proven systems to get paying clients online, or get hired by remote employers
💳 Contract templates, proposal templates, how to price yourself guides.
Step 1
First, you get an exact step-by-step career guide to follow. 👇
Step 2
Then, you get the necessary professional software training. 👇
Step 3
Then, you get to practice and apply all the skills. 👇
Step 4
Finally, you learn to land paying clients and charge money. 👇
Our goal is land you paying clients as soon as possible. This is possible if you know how properly work with marketplaces, cold emails or referrals. We want you to truly make this a real, paying career.

The only practical guide to web design you'll ever need.

✔ Step-by-step web design career guide
✔ 164 hours of professional software training (Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects; Webflow)
✔ 99x industry-proven templates
✔ Full Upwork freelancing mini-course
✔ Community access and help
✔ Certification at the end (individual)
4.7/5 based on 583 reviews
Backed by our unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

What you'll be able to do

Your abilities

Your outcomes

1. Build websites from scratch easily 👇
✅ Earn $2800 per website, by making them on the side.
2. Design smooth web experiences for brands 👇
✅ Sell a highly demanded skill, on your own terms.
3. Navigate pro software (Adobe XD, Figma)👇
✅ Improved value in the job market – get a pay raise.
4. Propose & negotiate with remote clients 👇
✅ Get freelancing gigs and earn a stable income.

More than 500+ happy students.

Don’t know how you’ll get paying clients? 👇

Resume templates, best practices, cold email templates –– all of it and more in our Upwork course.

Don’t know how to build a proper portfolio? 👇

Our PDF guide and Upwork tutorial explains all of it and more. Build a portfolio that sells.

Don't know how where or how to even start? 👇

Simply follow our step-by-step PDF guide. It outlines all the steps you need to take.

Don’t know how to use professional software? 👇

Get access to 164 hours of advanced software training –– from beginner to professional.

Don’t know what happens if you get stuck? 👇

We've got your back at every step –- ask questions inside our community and get first-hand feedback.

Get skills, get clients, go travel. With Skillademia.

The current education system needs improvement. Especially in the developing countries, where infrastructure is poor. Skillademia aims to provide quality education to as many learners as possible.
435k+ total customers from 98 different countries
Led by a team of 30 passionate employees
A revolutionary career-based learning approach.
Learn value-based skills that help businesses.

30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

If for any reason you weren't 100% satisfied with our program –- we'll refund you all the money within 30 days of your purchase. Simply contact us via email or Skillademia's support page.
Backed by our unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

Zero talent.
Zero code.
Zero luck.

Here’s the thing:
At Skillademia, we don’t bet on luck.

We believe that the only way to achieve lasting results is to put in smart hours.

To know what to work on, and how to work on it, and how to work on it.

That's why you progress step-by-step.
That's why you master all the softwares.
That's why you get ready-made templates.

Practical Web Academy is a shortcut.
To help you progress more efficiently.

This program is designed as a framework for complete beginners. Even if you've never tried Figma or Adobe XD before.

Hundreds of students have seen results from this bundle. You can too.

And if not, return it in 30 days. Get all your money back, no questions asked.

Step 1

Read the 39-page PDF guide.
Understand how the industry works and what to learn
Work on an exact roadmap on how to progress further
Know what traits are important to potential hires

Step 2

Start learning the software courses.
Become an expert in all the required softwares
Learn how to do prototyping, design, animation
Receive full certification at the end of each course

Step 3

Build out your own portfolio.
Work on real-world challenges and tasks
Create and showcase your work for new clients
Get clients sustainably, on your terms

Step 4

Use CV templates and Upwork course
Get paid to work on Upwork –– learn pricing, proposals
Learn how to send cold emails to sign new clients
Get all the contract, resume, proposal templates

What's inside the members area.

164 hours of content, PDF handouts, CV templates and more –– all for $47. Have more questions? Feel free to book in a call with us.
Book a Q&A call
Backed by our unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

You're getting 164 hours of advanced software trainings...

We packed a bunch of our best selling courses on other marketplaces (164 hours of material!) into this one single, simple package for you to learn.

A step-by-step guide to help you avoid pitfalls and mistakes...

We made a step-by-step handbook to let you know the steps it takes

Access to an community of web designers to help you progress...

Weekly AMA calls, specialized feedback exchange and growth with others.

99+ industry-trusted templates to help you with clients...

And we even added an Upwork course + CV templates + contract templates.

... and all of this with a 30-day money back guarantee.

We know this is the most valuable Web Designer career-focused course out there, so we’re confident you’ll want to try out our other courses in the future.

Get instant access to the Practical Web Academy for 70% off (limited time).

Go from a complete beginner to a professional web designer. Get clients, earn money and work on your terms.
Get lifetime access for 70% off
Backed by our unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

A letter from the founder.

Everything that's included in this bundle... 👇

Here's everything included in this Practical Web Academy bundle. Go from a beginner to pro with this complete package.

Step-by-step guide on your web career.
PDF handbook: Practical Web Career Guide
39 pages
Go from a complete beginner, to a professional website builder. Top tips for getting hired remotely, and what hiring managers or clients look for.
Learn to design simple UI/UX experiences.
Figma Masterclass
23 hours
53 minutes
To expert
Learn to create beautiful website experiences from scratch – and understand what is UI/UX design. Introduction into web design interfaces, explanatory videos.
Advanced web design training.
Adobe XD Masterclass
25 hours
23 minutes
To Expert
Learn the principles of Human-Computer interaction, read a User Flow Diagram, learn wireframing, build functional prototypes, learn to give and receive feedback.
Create visual elements in websites.
Adobe Photoshop Masterclass
30 hours
20 minutes
To Expert
Learn the principles of graphic design for beginners, learn the basics of composition such as colors; typography; balance, assembly.
Make advanced animations.
Adobe After Effects Masterclass
40 hours 24 minutes
To Expert
Learn how to do and use motion graphics, learn how to incorporate visual effects, learn how to make GIFs and more.
Get paying clients easily.
Upwork Freelancing Masterclass
6 hours
34 minutes
To Expert
Learn how to make your profile stand out, learn how to set proper pricing & rates, submit your first proposal, and manage your time properly.
Receive feedback at every step.
Access to the exclusive student community
Weekly AMA calls
Engage with an active community, join weekly AMA calls, exchange knowledge and share ideas –– all inside your peer group.
Save a lot of time
99x templates to work more efficiently
Plug & play
Template handbook
Use market-tested CV templates for hiring managers. Included – a PDF handbook with tips to get noticed by employers.
Backed by our unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

The only practical guide to web design you'll ever need.

Go from a complete beginner to a professional website designer. Earn money, work on your terms and provide value.
Backed by our unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

Common Questions

What’s included in Practical Web Academy bundle?
You’ll get: Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Webflow, Upwork Freelancing courses + 30x CV templates for your future career.
What are the requirements to start?
No previous software or web knowledge required –– made for complete beginners.Desire and passion to learn about a new exciting topic.Flexibility with adjusting, iterating and practice.Good internet connectionPatience and a positive mindset!
What if I don’t like the course? What's your return policy?
No problem, we have a 30-day money back guarantee, just email us at with your reason why you didn’t like the course and we’ll refund the money!
How do I access the courses?
After your purchase you’ll receive an email with logins to Skillademia's user portal, where all of our courses are stored and available for watching at any time, from anywhere.
Will I be able to get a job after watching the course?
We’re 100% confident that you’ll get a job at least within a month of receiving this program if you’re really following the provided guidelines and trying your hardest to land the job!
How many students have worked with Skillademia?
We’ve got over +400,000 students across the world.
When can I start learning?
Once you complete your purchase, you’ll be able to instantly start learning and reaching your goals!
Who are the teachers of the courses?
We collaborated with the industry leading designers, developers, hiring managers to build out the most efficient and value-packed course bundle just for you!
Do you offer certificates?
Yes, once you’ve finished the course, contact us - and we’ll provide you with an individual certificate for your skills!
Do I need to have anything else?
You’ll only need a device to watch the course from, it can mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, just make sure to have the softwares mentioned above so you can practise your skills with real exercises.