What is Prototyping in Figma

Updated on: November 2, 2022

Congratulations! You got to the fun part of UX/UI design: Prototyping. This tutorial will explain Prototyping in Figma and how you can have fun during this process. Let go!

For Any Type, a Prototype!

That’s it, you spent tons of hours on the design, and now it’s time to test it to see how it can work and flow. The good news is that Figma makes the prototyping process a lot easier, being a software made especially for this. But how is my application going to perform? How is the user going to interact with it? Am I going to be able to see how it flows? We will explore these features by creating an interactive flow of our project with Figma.

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Where Should I Start?

If this is the first time you have used the software, know that Prototyping isn’t the ideal part of starting. Even though there is no specific order to explore the properties of Figma, ideally, we should follow a particular guideline to end up with a fully-functional app. So before starting any project, we recommend checking What's the User Journey and How to Prepare the User Journey, to begin with the application design. 

Benefits of Using Prototypes

Prototypes will allow you to preview any aspect of the application and share and get feedback from other collaborators; remember that Figma’s purpose is to be accessible to anyone, with or without experience in the desgin field.   

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Another benefit of using prototypes is that you can showcase the application in its functional way to stakeholders and provide the closest experience of how the different elements of the application can be used, giving a clear picture of it before the actual development. This feature is what makes Figma the game changer. So let’s take that project to the next level, prototyping it. Stay tuned!

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