What is a Wireframe in Figma

Updated on: September 27, 2022

Ahhhh wireframes, they are the easiest but most effective tool when it comes to organizing your project and taking it to the next phase which is prototyping. In this article, you will learn what is a Wireframe and how it can minimize efforts but maximize results using Figma. 

Wireframes: What You need to Know 

Once you open Figma, choose the design file option and it will provide a white plain canvas for you to start working. You should have by this time the general idea you will be working on -or not, you can just freely play with the tools and let your inner child have fun.  Let’s assume you do have a project. 

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What you see in the picture above is what a Wireframe looks like. A Wireframe then will be our visual guide representing the framework of the application, website, or digital product we are working on. 

It must give enough details for everyone to understand the general idea but at the same time, it must be flexible enough to work with changes in the long run. Everything that’s inside the wireframe should be the closest to what our final product would be.

We knooow, for now, it looks like a plain white wireframe but you will 

The Power of Using Wireframes

What’s cool about using wireframes, as we mentioned before, is the fact that you can still gather information while working through it and focusing on functionality rather than visual design -which is what really matters when it comes to creating the User Experience. Let’s look at how a fully done project should look like using Wireframes.

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Take it easy. In the following articles, you will then learn how to create a wireframe and how to get to the final result just like the image of the reference shows. For now, have fun and explore, that’s what Figma is for.

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