Understanding the Function of Tools in Figma

Updated on: October 1, 2022

Feel free to explore the Function of the Tools in Figma. Take your time, click on everything, but most importantly, stay curious. In this tutorial, we will cover as many tools as we can think of, and save you some time. Let’s check the top toolbar.

The Moving Tool

The Moving Tool is a simple mouse that helps you select things and move them around. You can also resize shapes and objects by simply pressing Shift and dragging the mouse to get the size you want. 


This tool is straightforward. Its function is to change the size of objects without losing the scale. You will notice that when we don’t press Shift while using the moving tool, the shape or object starts stretching out, but when you chose the scale tool instead, it will maintain the dimensions of the shapes or objects you want to resize.

The Pen Tool

To draw like a painter. The Pen Tool will allow you to draw lines and create shapes freely, maybe you want a shape that is not available in the shapes menu -check our Quick Guide to Figma

Tools to know more-, you can draw it by clicking and dragging the mouse.

The Text Bar

Click and type, as easy as that. The good thing about only pressing and starting to type is that you don’t have limitations to write, but if you do want to limit your typing, do not click and type, but with the mouse draw the margin first, and then, start typing inside the text box you created. This tool has much more features to explore, so don’t worry, check out How to Use the Text Bar Tool.

The Hand   

The Hand Tool will allow you to move around the canvas like “grabbing it”. You can also zoom in and zoom out whenever. 

The Comment Tool

The Comment Tool is what makes Figma stand out from other software as it allows the team to add their opinions or suggestions in real time during the work. Simply click on the icon and drop it wherever you want to add the comment.


That’s it for now. Have fun using these tools in Figma before we get serious with a real project and suffer… naaaaah. Let’s better enjoy every step of creating our projects with Figma. Stay tuned.

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