Quick Guide to FigJam

Updated on: September 27, 2022

What can be more fun than Figma? A workspace called FigJam. As we learned so far, after creating our account you have two types of workspace to open in Figma. In this How To, you will learn to create a FigJam file and the basic tools to sketch your project. 

We Jam with FigJam

FigJam is the space that will allow you in the future to plan and draft your project and doing it in a fun way. FigJam has several features that makes your creative process more interactive and collaborative. Now that you have access to your account go to New File and press FigJam File. 

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Once you open the FigJam file, you will have a white plain canvas with several features to start creating. Let’s take a look to each of them:

The Tool Bar

The Move Tool: This one is basic, is just the mouse but hold on, with the Move Tool you select objects so keep that in mind when you start switching between tools. 

  • Shortcut: Press V

The Hand Tool: This tool move around the canvas in case your mouse is not able to.

  • Shortcut: Press H

The Pencil Tool: Freely draw into your canvas with this tool and if press on it you’ll see you have more options -highlighter, washi tapes, eraser- and you can also choose how thik or thin you want your line to draw with.

  • Shortcuts: Pencil Tool (M), Highlighter (Shift+M), Whashi Tape (W), Eraser (Shift+Delete)

The Shapes Tool: It provides you with 8 different shapes and you can add text inside them.

The Sticky Tool: It’s literally like sticking notes but not actual wasting paper. 

The Text tool: Place your text anywhere you like.

  • Shortcut: Press T

The Connector Tool: When you press this tool, it will draw an arrow that intuitively will connect your notes, shapes, or sticky notes in your canvas similar to creating a conceptual map.

  • Shortcut: Press X

The Library: It provides stickers when you and your team are planning the project together in real-time. 

The Stamp Tool: When you use the stamp tool and you press it over something in the canvas, let’s say, an image someone in your team designed, it means you’re giving approval.

These are general features to get into Figma’s world, so now you’re more than ready to start creating with Figma.

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