How to Use the Text Tool in Figma

Updated on: October 15, 2022

In this tutorial, we will deeply explore the Text Tool's functions and how to use it in a way that accurately describes the project we are working on. So, words, words, words, let’s go.

“Texting” our Projects

A quick way to navigate through an app is by following the text. We, humans, do not communicate through telepathy yet, so learning to use this tool effectively is essential, especially regarding User Experience design. Let’s explore some of the features of Text Tool in Figma by clicking on it at the top toolbar. 

Press and click

We already explore this feature in a previous tutorial that you can check as Understanding the Functions of Tools in Figma, so we will briefly go through it. By clicking, you can start typing wherever in the frame and as much as you want to write without a margin. If you're going to write with a margin, simply select the tool, but instead of clicking wherever in the frame, drag the mouse to create a text box. 

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If you want to expand the margin you are writing in, simply click at the edge below the text box and drag it to your preference.

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You will see more features to explore if you check the menu bar on the right. These features will help us when we have veeeery precise specifications to locate the text or any object. Don’t worry; it’s not rocket science, but it seems like since we have variables such as Y, X, W, H.

NOTE: The Y and X correspond to position. The W corresponds to width, and the H corresponds to height. 

You can modify these variables by clicking on them and changing the number to have a more precise text location. Furthermore, in the same menu, you will find the option rotate if the text in your design has a different visual perspective. Now that you know more about the Text Tool let the creativity flow and stay tuned!

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