How to Use the Paragraph Function in Figma

Updated on: October 18, 2022

The Paragraph function in Figma has similar features shared with software such as Illustrator. So if you are familiar with it, this tutorial won’t feel like we are doing some rocket science. We will then explain, How to Use the Paragraph Function in Figma. 

Functions of Paragraphs

A paragraph is “a group of sentences or a single sentence that forms a unit.” Paragraphs allow you to expand an idea or concept, and it applies very well to narrative formats such as novels and essays. However, when it comes to UX design, we must keep in mind that, in this case, it won’t be about the content but the shape of paragraphs. So, let’s get into it.

Now, when it comes to Figma.

Start with creating a Design File and write some text on the canvas. If you come from our previous tutorial, Functions of the Text Menu in Figma, you already know where to find the menu and how to use some of its functions; if not, go and check it. Once you write random stuff in the canvas, you can automatize some of the paragraph’s functions.

We have the Auto Height, which means the paragraph will adjust automatically for a correct display. 

Bl1dPkibdc w7FK9xkDdjPyU5mZooqT YKUGMf Wn25cCgJzIYy ghWeGUK4gBlUPQYgkUASh0p1N39IBmqm9Izd5PZdqP2huJXZj4m1Q NJm4roK682DGL

If you started writing randomly on the canvas, maybe you noticed that it goes on and on and on until it disappears from the frame. To avoid this, activate the Fixed Size function to create limits for the paragraph

tlpeqlBVGLgk5Hy3152u3xtRIZdUhOKd oOKG9IaTuVDA8AbUNnrhMBAqOBVx5i7XQRqqGWyxFjvUkfZi8AsLhMCn0Op9BKHxRO 75Nui43sGF S59s8X4WAmg5eAqsmU i4iByqubds2Pcu2ALkgPK0y MioeyLKmhURqgIAMRNNlNSGyyitsHgZuJq

Now, If you want to be free as a bird, simply activate the function Auto Width, which allows you to write infinitely.

BKdjIfJOQPX0dh6NTHxileQ6VBsOX KrwbHNsKpU23nckNPxP5EM21KujfvKWA5I2c5C x3FsWEqaNPJ6DMRKbmMmDoVcPqbgApXntTE8 CV3XioKW0tXkAjhc4dRzQlaIUbOTFmriHjAOVXogGpn7M4zUq Q5M4VOGnSiFyIu0cgNoZwqtKHSq7LpJV

Done, with those 3 basic functions you can master organizing texts and paragraphs. Stay tuned! And don’t forget to have fun with Figma.

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