How to Use Templates in Figma: The Table Views

Updated on: October 20, 2022

An app User doesn’t need to know what a Table View is, but as UX/Ui designers, we must. In this tutorial, we will show you the features included in this part of the template that you can find in Figma. 

Scroll, Scroll, and the Content Flows

Long story short, a Table View is where you find most contents displayed in a single column, divided into sections. Take it easy, we can make it even simpler, Shopping apps use Table Views to display info about their products, Social apps use Table Views to display info about settings, and so on. Simultaneously, Table Views will have an inner structure built by cells, content, and more. Good news. you don’t need to design any of this :D! That’s what Templates are for.

Let’s check the Templates available in Figma. Check How To Access Templates in Figma and move on.

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In this case, we are using a template for IOS applications design but don’t worry, Templates for Android will share similar features. 

FFcF MpKlVQ0Cb5kdpoBc a7s2BHxJh7Oioe4tLYgRKkT8AzCvn4hzAz5xrwDUBe8RPeDOogjI2ICc8zJaBqRxBA18o6QIdjCiJKBQ3heoHI8pE8LxizE89tKcz4UVo63

The template will provide options for the visual aspect, and the Table View feature will show how you if you want to use a check symbol or maybe use a switch symbol. It will depend on the design as well. As an example when you want to add an alarm setting, we usually go for the switch symbol. If we want to know if a setting is included, we go for the check symbol, and so on. Another good thing is that the template will also provide the dark mode version of each element. 


If you’re wondering about how to add the Table View feature to your design, just copy/paste it into your project and that’s it! As easy as working with Figma. Stay tuned!

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