How to Use Templates in Figma: Text Field and Segmented Picker

Updated on: October 21, 2022

Before going straight to the content, it’s important to mention that not every template will include the Text Field and Segment Picker feature, and it will depend on the operative system you are designing for. This tutorial will describe how to use the Text Field and Segment Picker, and why using Templates rules.

When to Use a Template

Aside from aspects not related to the application's design, templates come in handy by saving you time with those other aspects that you don’t need to design from scratch, like the Navigation Bar, Alarms, Buttons, and so on. Another reason relates to the operative system. For example, let’s say your project will run for IOS (iPhone, Mac, and so on), you just need to search for an iPhone template, and that’s it; it will provide the features you need to preserve the brand’s identity and just take care of the application design.

Text Field and Segmented Picker

As we mentioned previously, some features can be simply copied into your design; it is the Text Field and Segmented Picker case. 

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The Text Field will present you with the different options you can add to your design and choose depending on it. For example, some prototypes are presented with the dark-mode version, and you can copy/paste that feature from the template; you can see how the Text Field looks by default, when active, when typing, and when you’re done. Cool, isn’t it? Like the Segmented Picker, this feature provides a different way to choose from various options. This feature is helpful, especially when the application has a list of filters or items, as you see in the reference image 

G1B5xAJB 4PwED90IWf32utDKIwQxznZHsbwu0k2lsOk9ptzUuFAM8HJFU5bQIOFIDMy7tQlMZrjC9ETQDTGYCIzsHSbDUarwJVJEFrDsLksNfytMkiaxYu0efxBsv2Dsd1t6ik suEp jw7rEy3WkbQp8ypw6ARaAQIk0a5O3co7hrqrPPvs6KDTJNj

In conclusion, templates are there for you to them. So we suggest you explore the many options Figma has and take the best of them. It will save you time! Stay tuned.

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