How to Rename Layers in Figma

Do you usually forget to rename your layers in Figma? Let’s play the worst-case scenario. You have piles of layers, one on top of the other. You wanted to work on something specific but, oh no! You accidentally erased something on another layer because you don’t know which is which. Total chaos. To avoid that, in this tutorial, you will learn How to Rename Layers in Figma.  

No Name? Welcome the Mess

Do not take this personally. We all sometimes forget to name our layers. It can happen pretty often, but ohh lord, what a mess your workflow will become once you have too many layers and you just want to pick one, the one that you don’t know which is. 

As you start the design process, you will notice that layers create automatically with a default name depending on the element inside the layer. If you have lots of shapes in your design, the layers will be named rectangle 1, rectangle 2, ellipse 1, ellipse 2, and ellipse 3. If you have vectors, I’d be vector 1, vector 2… and so on. Therefore, to keep your workflow clear, and your mental health stable, it’s important to name layers as seen in the design. For example, if you have an image of an apple, name that layer “apple.” That way, if you want to return to that layer, you can find it easier.

How to Rename the Layers

First and most important, open your Design File in Figma. Then, if you don’t have a project you are working on yet, simply add and draw elements to create layers like shapes or images on the canvas. You don’t need to create a frame to do this. Now, you can rename one layer or a group of layers. 

To Rename one single Layer:

  1. Double-click the layer
  2. Change its current name

To Rename Layers in Bulk

  1. Select the layers you want to rename directly from the canvas or in the Layers Panel.
  2. Rick-click and choose the Rename option

Once you do this, the Rename Layer Modal panel will open, and you can change the layer's name in bulk.

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Changing the layer's name will take a few seconds, and you will be forever grateful. Now keep enjoying Figma and exploring all the possibilities you can do with it.

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