How to Prepare the User Journey

Updated on: September 27, 2022

As we previously mentioned, the User Journey will help you to understand the user’s behavior when using your product and also engage the user in the long run. In this tutorial, we will explain How to Prepare the User Journey so stay tuned.

Preparing the Journey

So, we’re not just creating the coolest, fanciest, awe-some design, but adapting, building, and offering a satisfying user experience -with a cool design. Therefore, let’s begin with defining key terminology, don’t worry again, this is just to make our workflow easier,  as we will be speaking the same language.

How to Prepare The User Journey 

Audience or persona: A persona is a target audience customer that you are creating specifically to match what you think the person using the app would be. It’s not only based on assumptions, it should be based on general ideas. 

  • Eg. Let’s say I’m targeting middle-aged moms. We need to look at their age,  occupation, location,  device type, the goals they want to accomplish through our app or website, and so on.

Touchpoints: This will represent strategic points in the map that we must reach. Imagine a 

user trying to buy something on the internet. Our touch points would be Awareness, the user wanting to purchase something. Research, the user looks for info about what they want to purchase. Purchase, when the user gets what they wanted, and finally Use, which is using the item after purchasing it.

Narrative: After we set our Audience and our TouchPoints, we need a Narrative, a story to tell. The Narrative will contain actions, motivations, and emotions that occur during each interaction with our touchpoint and interface experience.

  • Eg. Someone has trouble logging in because they forgot their password. Our story could be “Oh, someone must feel veeeeery sad and irritated if they don’t remember the password, how can we help them? Solution: you include a “Forgot your password? Click here” asset and problem solved.

TMI for you? Don’t worry, as you progress with your project, everything you've seen so far will start to come alive. So! Stay tuned and remember to have fun exploring more Figma tutorials.

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