How to Draw Shapes in Figma

Updated on: October 10, 2022

Shapes are what any design is made of. If we reduce an interface app to its minimum expression, we will see that it is all about a bunch of shapes in visual cohesion. In this tutorial, you will learn How to Draw Shapes in Figma and make the best of your design.

What You Can Do with Shapes

Long story short, you can do everything using shapes in Figma. You shape the interface of an application or project using, well… shapes! In Figma, the basic drawing shapes will include: 

  • rectangle
  • line
  • ellipse
  • arrow
  • polygon
  • and star.

We know reading lists can be tedious, but we must know what we count on to start working. Important to point out that using shapes isn’t only for interface application design; you can use shapes to create the User Journey, to do mapping in general, to build the presentation of your project, and much more. So the easiest way to find these shapes is to access them from the Shape Tools Menu by clicking on it. 

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How to Draw Shapes 

As easy as clicking on the Toolbar menu, once you select the shape you want to draw, simply drag the mouse to the canvas and start drawing. We have a particular option in the shapes tool menu, which is Place Image; this option will allow us to add images that can’t be drawn, for example, the application's logo.

Here is an example of mapping using shapes:

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And here, you will see a complete interface design using both shapes and images:

eoRxfLKeAKdGbYgEdvLVooNzOYZaXE bPHoM lYdhChgFYlVC8ad6A 7PkV YtqaHkjk91BDRxRvWUQHL7P83PTA87e4 h1mM40EAkOr0yFUmztJvcLW8WEj 9V3KXgVQh14J1OdhkUq0XBG5 vacdWztQYkCe2qD4AGOme70ZItsaJAd wGS4zUL o

Awesome, isn't it? Now that you know How to Draw shapes in Figma let your creativity command the design and always remember to enjoy the process. Stay tuned!

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