How to Create Interactions and Animations in Figma

Updated on: November 22, 2022

Congratulations! You got to the fun part of UX/UI design: Prototyping. In this tutorial, we will explain How to Create Interactions and Animations in Figma and how you can have fun during this process. Let’s go!

Interactions and Animations

In Figma, you can create interactions and animations using the built-in prototyping tools, making this software the real game changer. In addition, these two functions will allow us to make our prototype more visually appealing. Now, keep in mind that it isn’t only about how good it looks but how functional it is once we preview the prototype.

How to Create an Interaction

Select the element you want to interact with to create an interaction and click the Create interaction button in the toolbar. This will open the Interactions panel, where you can specify your interaction's trigger, action, and duration. Simple and smooth. 

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Remember always to preview the interaction in the prototype mode, where is that? Go to the right-top of the screen, and you will see an arrow-looking icon next to the Share option. 

How to Create Animations

Creating animations isn’t rocket science, either. First, select the element you want to animate and click the create animation button in the toolbar. This will open the animations panel, where you can specify the type of animation, the duration, and the easing.

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Last but not least, preview! Always preview the project, this way, you can see if the timing for each interaction and animation is correct and feels natural for the User Experience. So keep exploring Figma lessons, and stay tuned! 

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