How to Create a Design File in Figma

Updated on: August 31, 2022

The Figma World is here to change yours. In this How To article we will look into Figma. You will learn how to create a New Design File. 

One cool aspect about Figma is that you can customize your workspace in the way it best flows for you. To have access you need an account. If you haven’t created your account, we suggest checking our previous How To Create an Account in Figma article to have the full fun experience of Figma. Once you enter your account it’s time to explore. There are two types of files in Figma and they both serve different needs:

  • Design file
  • FigJam File

The Figjam will awaken your inner Davinci, it will help you draft and plan your next masterpiece, as you’ll have a white canva, sticky notes and quick design tools to organize whatever comes to your mind. 

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The Design File takes what you previously planned on your FigJam File and makes the masterpiece actually become true. This workspace is a bit more complex since it is where you create the whole User Experience, but is not rocket science for sure.

You’ll see in the picture below how a project will look once you finish. To select between these two types of files just draft the mouse and click Design File/FigJam. 

image figma min

What makes Figma special, besides everything we already mentioned, is the fact that you can interact in real-time with your co-workers.

Both files will provide options for your team to vote, to test,  add comments,  speak their opinion on your design -whether they’re designers or not-, and to co-create with other designers.

Cool stuff, right? This only happens inside Figma’s world.

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