How to Choose Fonts in Figma

Updated on: October 13, 2022

Fonts are, in terms of branding, a crucial aspect of the design process. You can take an entire course to understand how fonts and typography can communicate or miscommunicate a brand, so it’s good to get familiarized with them. In this tutorial, you will learn How to Choose Fonts in Figma.

The right Font, the Right Message

Fonts can have a personality or lack of it. They can be aggressive or soft. Some have historical features. Some Fonts can have a futuristic appearance. It’s possible that some feel more feminine or masculine, but in the end, it doesn’t matter; choosing the right Font is if it suits the design and communicates the brand’s message accurately. So when you face this part of the design process, ask yourself, is this speaking the brand’s concept correctly? Does it accomplish what we want to communicate? Or am I feeling biased by how it looks? With these questions, you can focus more on what serves the design better and what doesn’t.

NOTE: There are protocols and recommendations for using specific Fonts, especially for UX/UI design. So we suggest checking the protocol before getting wild with Fonts.

Fonts in Figma

Create Design File and go to the menu on the right side of the screen. Below the Text title, you will see the Fonts option. If you are using the desktop version of Figma, you can see all the fonts available within the application. But if you’re using the website version, it’d be good to download the Fonts installer and add the fonts you would like. 

To choose a Font in Figma:

  1. Open the Desing File
  2. Press the dropdown below the text title
  3. Choose the Font you want

NOTE: If you are working with a group of designers, make sure all have the font installed, whether the website or desktop application; otherwise, it won’t show on their Fonts dropdown menu. 

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And we are done. Remember always to enjoy every part of the process. That's how you know if you are doing the right thing. So stay tuned and explore more with Figma.

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