How to Change the Color of the Text in Figma

Updated on: October 12, 2022

It can be fun to play with colors, and text cause keeping the same color for everything does not catch the User’s attention. This tutorial will explain why choosing colors properly matters and how to change the Text color in Figma.

The Psychology of Color 

Being intentional about the color we choose becomes crucial especially knowing it affects the user’s decision-making. As you might notice, social media apps use soft color palettes to decrease tiredness when the user navigates for hours and reassure it will be this way every time. Some criteria to keep in mind will be:

  1. Psychology of color.
  2. Hierarchy of elements.

The main idea of these two concepts is: What is the user giving attention to first? As UX/UI designers, we can control this question and turn it into What we want our user to give attention to first and design accurately based on this.

When it Comes to Figma 

Figma has a cool feature in the samples and templates known as Colors; most of the templates will usually have it. 

NOTE: Check How to Use Templates in Figma to know more.

This feature will allow you to know what colors you can use that will match any screen device response and what’s generally used on apps for a specific brand. So, for example, if you choose a template for iPhone, it must show you the colors that match Apple better, and it will save you time choosing.


How to Change the Color of Text in Figma

Once you know the color you want to implement in the design, go to the Text menu and select Fill. Now, you have various ways to change the color:

  1. Select the color by dragging the mouse over the palette and clicking
  2. Add directly in the HEX option the color code you want (this one is for pickier designers)
  3. Use the Eyedropper tool substrate the color from everywhere

Done. An easy way to change the color of the text in Figma. Now you can have your own “color party”, and keep exploring this fantastic software.

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