How to Add Effects to Text in Figma

Updated on: October 16, 2022

It is good to feel fancy adding effects to our text, especially if we want something to stand out. So this tutorial will explain how to add effects to text in Figma.

Why is it Cool to Add Effects to Text

As we mentioned, sometimes, we want a text to stand out. It can be an important message and something we want the user to remember; it can be for visual reasons, you name it. What matters is being intentional about it. Remember that we are not designing for ourselves - it could be the case, though- but for future users that will interact with our application or website.

Adding Effects to Texts in Figma

The best to understand how effects work in Figma is to create a Design File first and then create a frame. Then, select the Text Tool and get creative. 

NOTE: Check How to Use the Text Tool if you got lost in the previous step. 

You will find the Effects menu almost at the end of the Text Menu in the right corner of the screen. If you click on it, the options will display. Now, time to get fancy.

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We will describe briefly what the drop-down menu options do, ahhhhh, you thought we were talking about fancy animations and crazy flying text? No, this is not a PowerPoint presentation. In this case, adding effects is for specific purposes.

Drop Shadow: We suggest using this effect for visuals rather than emphasizing as it works nicely for titles.

Inner Shadow: Same as the Drop Shadow option, adding an inner shadow will make the text look prettier. Use it wisely.

Layer Blur: This effect will come in handy when we want to create a 3D effect, implying there will be another text layer over it.

Background Blur: This effect blurs whatever is behind the text.

So to add the effect, simply select the text layer and choose between the options. To customize any effect, click on the sun icon next to it.

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And that’s it. Adding effects to the texts can be fun, just remember to keep it intentional. So stay tuned and keep exploring Figma.

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