Font Usage in Figma

Updated on: October 16, 2022

Do you get lost in the vast possibilities of Fonts? Don’t worry. This tutorial will give you two simple tips to learn about Font Usage in Figma. Take note!

Tips for Font Usage in Figma

Some templates will have default fonts recommended depending on if it's for IOS or Android. You are not obligated to use them, but they are suggested for a reason. Not using many fonts is one, and keeping the same family font is possible.

  • It keeps the readability
  • It will be visually cleaner.
  • It will be aligned with other apps. 

#1 TIP for Font Usage

Use a maximum of 3 fonts per application; what! Yes, three fonts. As we mentioned, it can be fun to play around with the visuals and explore what we can do. Still, it is recommended for website and application design to keep it as simple as possible.

Gb0wZaqCD62EYPajI6XUWFvshPJMnPyYlETJjphFYg3zNdWmaFyHExDnutopuailot5Vvze9M4eUzZmGIxxkcQgzExadWUVii0Y5H7xLcWwiOLyLtlaBK2L XOje61OOv72 3axU2Tc4X aNUKUDn5igmhAiB f9ejvfV8d1WJzAPuvHCgyNVpPV Byz

As you see in the reference image, we chose to use Sans Serif. This typography works to exemplify best since it is the one primarily used in several applications. For example, we will use the same font family to distinguish titles from texts, or we can play -using the same font- with thickness to do the separation.

TIP #2 for Font Usage

Be aware of whom you are designing for. Let’s say your application targets business people. Then, the font used will have characteristics that reflect this target group. Maybe something sober, not too flashy, that feels professional… Sans Serif! Perhaps the app will be for a newsletter and typewriter effect... Times New Roman! Maybe your project is for an educational platform, so you want a friendly, easy-to-follow, standard Wikipedia visual...

We think you got the point of what Font Usage in Figma is. Stay tuned to explore more of this fantastic software.

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