An Introduction to Script-FU

Updated on: January 14, 2015

This segment of our video series on the GIMP, we're gonna be talking about installing scripts to your GIMP interface. Now in so far as what is a script, well where the GIMP is concerned what it is it's kinda like a culmination of a bunch of actions that in with your decide results.

Let me kinda show you what I'm talking about. Now what we've got here is an animated set of flames. Looks pretty cool. Now I'm gonna back up here just for a second.


Where I am at right now is probably one of the larger repositories or databases of already available scripts and it's called the And just to give a little heads up, I've already signed up and it's completely free, and I've already logged in.

But I wanna let you know that I encountered a little problem with whenever you go to Sign Up, they have those little Captcha forms to determine whether or not you're a human or a spam machine. And I just could not figure out what those icons were or images were because it has to be exact. You know if you're familiar with it at all, you know what I'm talking about. Well, don't give up.

Do it like three or four different times and if you get it right, cool no prob. If you don't, don't sweat it because I'll go ahead and tell you that sorry we've locked you out... blah.. blah.. blah.. But we have, by the way, sent the log-in information you need to get in to the system to your email address.

So after you screwed it up a couple of three to four times like I did, because I could never get it right, then go ahead and send me the information you need anyway to your email address.


Then you just come on back here to the website and put in your username and the password they gave you and you can go on then and change your password. Just wanna give you a little heads up on that little captcha stuff.

Okay, that's out of the way. Now then what we wanna do now is I wanna show you how to create these flames. Now then we've got the long way. That's this tutorial I'm about to show you here. And you just basically follow these steps here and you create it basically manually or with the script and that's the jest of this particular video.

Somebody has basically gone through all these steps here and recorded them. Now that record of events that took place in the process of making all of these items here to the end-result of the animated flame. This is called Script-FU. I don't make them, I just read them. But yeah, they call it the Script-FU. I'm not sure. We'll get into that later I'm sure. What we wanna do now is we want to, after we've logged in, we wanna download the script for this dinky little file and also on your GIMP once you've downloaded it from the and you've installed the GIMP.


You've got probably a hundred or so of the scripts already installed by default in your GIMP system. So we are just gonna add to it. Also here at the registry, like I said earlier, there's a whole bunch of them. Probably thousands of them. And you can do a Google search for different types of scripts and you'd be surprised just how many are already out there. But I'm in Internet Explorer so I'm going to right-click on this, and go to "Save Target As", give it a second, and just save it to the desktop. Now I'm just gonna go and close that and let's go ahead and what are we gonna do next. Oh yeah.

Let's minimize this, minimize it again, bring this guy down here. I'm just going to right-click and then left-click on copy so I got this on my clipboard. I'm going to open up my Windows Explorer, go to Explore, then go to Program Files. I'm heading to the GIMP folder, by the way. And here we are under Program Files. So we are now at GIMP. Left-click, come on down here to Share, left-click, now you are here to GIMP, left-click, 2.0, left-click, and all the way down to scripts and left-click.


Anywhere in amongst here, these are all the scripts that, are by default, already installed. Right-click and paste. There we have it. Oh and you can see that they all have the .scm extension, whatever that means. Probably, script-something.

Okay, so now we've got that done. Go ahead and close this out and bring the GIMP back up here, bring you down in here, and over here under Extensions, left-click, Script-FU, Refresh Scripts, OK.


We've all shuffled the cards in the Script folder and now then we come on down here to Animation because it was an animated file, over here to Flames, and there we have it. Hit OK. So instead of us having to go through all those steps on that tutorial, like I said somebody else already did that for us, recorded it as a script, and boom.

Here we have it. Now just to kinda show you this is animated, but there's like I think ten frames here, go over here to Filters, down here to Animation, over here to Playback, and bring you on down into here, and let's hit Play.


There you have it. There's our flame. Oh ain't that toasty-looking? Of course, I think it's about 18 degrees with a maybe minus 4 degree windshield factor outside right now where I live so this does look a little warm. But anyway, that's our video on installing a script.

Like I said, you can go to that to find gazillion different scripts you can play with. So have fun with it. Thanks a lot for watching and have a great day!

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