How to Resize a Picture in Gimpshop

Updated on: August 5, 2013

Ever need to resize a picture but can't find the right tool? Paint is a nightmare to use, and Photoshop is almost $700! Look no further than Gimpshop; it's totally free.

This tutorial will walk you through all the steps of resizing a photo in Gimpshop.

1.) First, let’s open the picture you want to resize.  Click File > Open or press Ctrl+O.

navigating to the open file dialogue

A pop up box will appear.  Locate the image you in your computer directory and click Open.

finding the file to open

The image will open in a new canvas.

the newly opened image

2.) Click the Scale Tool Icon in the Toolbox or Press Shft+T.

selecting the scale tool icon

Then click anywhere on your picture.  A pop up box will open.  It reflects the current dimension of the image.  If you want to retain the aspect/ratio/proportions of the image, make sure the chain icon is connected.

the scale dialogue box

Click and drag from one of the edges of the image. You’ll notice that there will be a smaller version of your picture.  This is how big your image will be afterwards.  You can click and drag from the edge of the smaller image to adjust the size again.

using the scale tool on the image

The change in the image dimensions will also be reflected in the pop up box. You may also change the dimensions by inputting the specific values that you want.  When you’re happy with the size, click Scale.

manually inserting the new image dimensions

The original bigger image will disappear and only the smaller resized version will be left on your canvas.

the final product of resizing

3.) You can use the Move Tool to adjust the placement of the image.  Click the 4-direction arrow icon in the Toolbox or press M.

selecting the move tool in the toolbar

Click and drag the image into the position that you prefer.

the newly repositioned image

Final Words

With that, now you know how to resize pictures using GIMPShop.  You can do whatever you want with your picture such as adding text or or more images. As always, the only limit is your imagination.

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