The Freehand Select Tool

Updated on: November 24, 2014

Hello and welcome to this video series on the GIMP. On this segment, we'll be continuing our discussion on the select tools.

freehand select tool

These are the first six items on this top row here because this last one here as I mentioned is the Paths Tool. We've already touched a little bit on these two selection tools. And this one is similar to these in that again it is a selection tool but it's more of a freehand. So if you did not want to limit yourself to an ellipse or circle, or rectangle, or square, then you can select this and go freehand.

freehand select tool

And just like we have here. Now, one thing I wanted to mention too and if you'll notice over here under the modes, this is something you can also do with the ellipse and the rectangle select tools. But if you hold down your shift key, you can watch the modes here. This is the add to the selection. So you can see we can add here and hold down your control key and see it says subtraction. We subtract from our select tool. And again, that same thing can take place with the rectangle, as I hold down my shift key and my control key.

freehand select tool

See this one, the control key subtracted and the shift key added. You can do the same thing with the ellipse tool here. But I just want to briefly touch base the difference between the freehand select tool, and the ellipse, and the rectangle select tool and that if you use your control key and your shift key on your keyboard, you can also adjust the mode of your selection tools.

Then again, it's just a brief overview of these first three select tools mainly the freehand select tool. That's pretty much it. Thank you very much for watching this video and hope you learned something. Have a great day!

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