The Color Picker Tool

Updated on: December 1, 2014

Hello and welcome to our video series on the Gimp. Now in this video, we're going to be introducing you to the color picker tool and that's this guy right here. It looks like a little eye drop up here. And you can just click on that or you can a little shortcut on your keyboard is just hit the letter O on your keyboard that will bring you to the same spot.

color picker tool

Now down here in our dialog box, you can see the additional options available to us. And we've got Sample Average, we've got Sample Merged, and this comes in handy whenever you're trying to get a color that is on top of well it basically using different layers or additional layers. Whereas right now, this is our layered dialog. We only have the one layer here. That's this guy here. And we got some Pick Modes, we've got Pick Only, Set Foreground color, which is the default, Set Background Color, Add to Palette, or the Use Info Window. This pretty cool tool just gives us additional information. So I'm going to check that and let's go ahead and go over to this particular palette that we have or layer and if we click on this, it brings up our Color picker Information. Let me put this guy down here so we can see our foreground and background colors.

color picker tool

This gives us some additional information. The hexa-decimal number here, so you're going to match this with what my on my webpage we're trying to copy, colors for our header image, to our EBook cover, for example. But we're going to go here this gives us the same information for this particular image on our palette and so on. As you see, it changes the foreground color here whereas if I check this one, you would change the background color. And let's go ahead and create another layer over here and I'll show you the Sample Merged as well. We're going to close this guy out here. And to create an additional layer, we just go over here in our Layer Dialog box, click on this guy here, it gives us a new layer.

color picker tool

Now, I'm going to name this one Blue because that's what popped up   and you can name anything you want. You know, whatever. But we're going to name this one Blue because if you haven't guessed yet, I want to put a blue color here. Foreground color. Let's go and change that to. Because right now it's this burnt umber. Let's go and change that to a blue. And this is our Color Dialog here. As you can see I changed the foreground just by clicking over here. And same size, same dimensions. Let's skip. Now then, the blue layer is on top of or above this other layer. Now we can change this with this highlighted, we can move this down and it becomes lower than or it's behind this layer.

color picker tool

But for the sake of this video, I want to show you some of the back-up and we can change the opacity or the transparency of this blue so this will start to bleed through the lower this number get on the slider bar here. We'll go all the way down to zero and basically it's invisible but let's put it right about here. Let's go and click on the Sample Merged. Now then whenever I click on this image here, it won't be the green as we see here, it will the green we see now with this mask of blue over it. You see? And same here. So again, this is just another way in which you can create additional colors and if you like that then you can go to add to palette and it will bring this up here and you can name your color here and you can click on Save and you got some new, funky color that you just made up. Again, that's what you can utilize this radio button for here add palette. But that's just a quick introduction to the Color Picker Tool. I want to thank you very much for watching this video. Hope you learned something. Hope you're going to find ways where you can apply this to your work. Thank you very much watching.

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