The Color and Fuzzy Select Tool

Updated on: November 27, 2014

Hello and welcome to this video series on the Gimp. And on this video, we're going to be covering some additional items in our toolbox up here namely the fuzzy select tool and the color select tool.

fuzzy and color select tool

Now, the fuzzy select tool, a lot of different programs have called them "magic wand" mainly because it looks like a magic wand. But these two tools are similar in that they select based on the color. Now, the big difference between the two is that the fuzzy select, this selects based on the continual colors.  In other words, if you've got three or four red circles on your palette and those red circles are not touching one another, then it will only select those circles that you touch whereas with the color select tool, it will select all the circles of the same color. Let me kind of give you a demonstration here. Let me open up a little ice-cream cone here.

fuzzy and color select tool

Now over here where you make a selection, over here on the right side you can see a preview of the selection of the images. This is my cone here. I'm going to open that up. And let me kind of throw this out here as well. This red and we're going to go here and here. Now these are the ice creams that have fallen off my ice cream cone. Yeah that's it. Yeah that's my story. Okay, so back to the magic wand. Now remember, this one covers the continuous. So we will then select this. You see it did not select these two of the same color. now, the threshold down here, if we were to increase this threshold let's say this one here that is continuous that it had different variations  of the color red then the lower the threshold the more selective this tool will be. Whereas if we increase the threshold, those colors that are continuous, it may also select the light red, the dark red, and the medium red as long as the or again our select are continuous. Let me back out this guy here. Whereas the color select tool, it will select all of these that are red.

fuzzy and select tool

For example, there. You can see the little marching ants here, here, and here. And again whether it's continuous or not. Again that's the big difference between the color select and the magic wand is that the magic wand will only select those that are continuous or touching one another. The color select, anything on the image or palette that is of that color. Now the threshold, if you increase the threshold then it would select variations of color red if that's what we've chose here. So again, that's just a little sample of what we can do with the color select and fuzzy select tools. So I’m sure again in later videos, we'll show you some of the application that this can be used with. But for the time-being, I just want to get you familiarized with the different functions of these additional tools. Thanks very much for watching and have a great day!

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